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Cabrinha Omega HD 9 vs Spleen Q 9 - Learning-throw-away Kite

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Cabrinha Omega HD 9 vs Spleen Q 9 - Learning-throw-away Kite

Postby Macisback » Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:49 pm

Hi everyone,

my sister is learning how to kite in a few weeks, we equiped her well with gear.
We plan to let her fly my Draft Kites.

Now as everyone knows, as a beginner you dont treat your gear as good as you would like to and the material suffers. Normal.

Thats why I will get her a throw-away-learn Kite that she can learn with and later maybe use for Snowkiting.

I can get my hands on the following kites, could you give me an opinion which one would suit her best in your opinion?:

- Spleene Q 2009 9 sqm (would use it with North Bar 2012 + 2m line extensions)
- Cabrinha Omega HD 9 2007 sqm (with Cabrinha 20007 Bar)
- Cabrinha Switchblade 12 2008 (with Cabrinha 2008 Bar)

Thank you guys!!

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