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Hood River Huck Fest 2014

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Hood River Huck Fest 2014

Postby Toby » Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:16 pm

Cabrinha News:

Hood River Huck Fest 2014

The ultimate big air event in the Columbia River Gorge. Go as big as you can. Tricks are not required or judged. Some of the 50 participants were shooting for a personal best of 30' while others were gunning for 50', 60', ... the sky's the limit. Jump heights were measured using the latest technology, Xensr. The Xensr is worn by the kiter and can accurately measure the height of each jump. Organizer and Cabrinha rider, Ken Lucas, says "the event format of jumping big without any tricks allows weekend warriors to go head to head with big name pros". The format is working as the men's finals were filled with passionate non-professionals while 4 out of 5 attending big name pros were bumped off in earlier heats. Everybody loves to go big!

The 2nd Annual Huck Fest was sponsored in part by Cabrinha and many of the biggest jumps of the event were on Cabrinha kites and boards.

Highlights from Cabrinha riders:

Chase Hasch won the junior division and was promptly bumped into the adult heats where he was a solid competitor.

Matt Elsasser had the highest jump of the event (53') using a SwitchBlade and narrowly missed the finals after having some equipment issues.

Jim Bison went big all day using a SwitchBlade 8 and ended with a spectacular 2nd place overall. Jim missed 1st place overall by 1 inch and conceded the victory to a winner that was 1/2 his age. Jim's highest jump was 48'.

Wally Gator Young held his own making it all the way through the Semi-Finals.

Jake Cook the Cabrinha Sales Rep represented on the water as well advancing to the quarter-finals.

Ken Lucas, Event Organizer and Cabrinha rider, also jumped in on the fun and Hucked his SwitchBlade.

1st Reed Brady
2nd Jim Bison
3rd Mike Haase

1st Laura Meyer
2nd Colleen Carroll
3rd Tonia Farman

1st Chase Hasch
2nd Austin Keillor
3rd Marcus Catlett

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Re: Hood River Huck Fest 2014

Postby jpkiter » Wed Jul 02, 2014 2:59 am


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HuckFest 2 - RESULTS

Postby luke11 » Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:13 am

Huck Fest 2 - RESULTS

Rufus, Oregon June26, 2014. Winds: 18 - 34

Please note that the wind varied greatly during all of the heats with the early heats having the most wind.

Special Recognition:

Reed Brady had one of the longest jumps ever during the semi-finals. A solid 40 foot high and an estimated 10 seconds long. Go ahead and count that out. Hopefully someone got it on film.

The finals was decided by just 1 inch. Reed just barely out jumped second place finisher Jim Bison who is twice his age!

Wally’s Gator won the sportsmanship award for loaning his kite to Matt Elsasser. Matt, by the way had the biggest jump of the day at 53 feet.

The total sum of Reed’s 4 biggest jumps was only 1 foot bigger than the total sum of Jim’s biggest jumps. Super close competition and only made possible by Xensr. So, hit up Reed and Jim for great tips on how to go big. Get an Xensr to track your progress.

The intention of the event is working. Handlepasses or other difficult tricks are NOT judged, and only height is what matters. This allows passionate weekend warriors to compete toe-to-toe with big name professionals. Go Big. Huck it!

Juniors: (name; jump height in feet)

Austin Keillor; 39.62

Chase Hasch; 40.72

Marcus Catlett; 34.32

Tom last?name; 25.00

Vetea Boersma; 30.64

Women: (name heat(s); respective jump(s) height(s) in feet)

Carol Bolstad 1; 25.39

Colleen Carroll 1,3; 33.32, 27.19

Laura Maher 2,3; 29.13, 31.18

Lindsay McClure 2,3; 19.32, 18.99

Savannah Boersma 2; 17.48

Sensi Graves 1; 23.12

Tonia Farman 1,3; 28.01, 25.32

Men: (name heat(s); respective jump(s) height(s) in feet)

Alan Joaquin 7; 29.91

Alex Fox 8; 36.56

Allen Beeler 5; 38.39

Austin Keillor 8; 36.40

Blaine Baker 8,11,13,15; 42.52, 36.20, 33.06, 28.15

Brandon Scheid 4,9,14; 47.84, 39.51, 35.48

Cal Johnson 5; 13.71

Chase Hasch 7,11; 34.25, 34.90

Craig Cunningham 1,9; 35.50, 29.99

Darren Lee 3; 19.36

Dave Smith 7; 28.39

Doug Adams 1; 28.97

Jake Cook 6,12; 36.17, 31.70

James Friesen 6; 20.80

James Ropner 8,12; 38.40, 32.79

Jim Bison 2,9,13,15; 38.18, 48.02, 38.31, 37.17

Ken Lucas 8; 27.36

Matt Ellsasser 2,10,14; 53.21, 43.60, 33.52

Matt Thames 4,10; 37.35, 29.13

Mike Duhaime 8; 30.50

Mike Haase 5,12,14,15; 50.15, 34.08, 45.02, 30.57

Mike Vandame 6,11; 21.95, 23.90

Pat Freeman 4; 23.90

Reed Brady 5,11,14,15; 43.41, 40.35, 41.21, 37.29

Rich Sabo 3,9; 39.87, 26.15

Richard Hallman 1; 32.27

Ryan Schenk 1,10; 41.95, 33.61

Sam Light 6; DNS

Serge Romano 2; 19.38

Spruce Baugher 3; 29.45

Tom Gallegos 2; 28.84

Victor Hays 7,12,13; 43.69, 33.45, 29.33
Walter Young 3,10,13; 44.45, 37.43, 30.55

1st Chase Hasch
2nd Austin Keillor
3rd Marcus Catlett

1st Laura Meyer
2nd Colleen Carroll
3rd Tonia Farman

1st Reed Brady
2nd Jim Bison
3rd Mike Haase

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