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Nobile NHP vs Shinn Monk Forever

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Nobile NHP vs Shinn Monk Forever

Postby mkNY » Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:24 am

Looking for great freeride/freestyle board that is smooth in chop and very easy on my knees.
Both boards seem to offer this, can anyone give any first hand experience having ridden both?

The Nobile T5 and Shinn Red are also 2 less aggressive options. My main goal is to have a board soft on my knees for big landings and chop, but still give decent performance.
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Re: Mobile NHP vs Shinn Monk Forever

Postby Okinawa Kiter » Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:02 pm

I love Nobile and hate Shinn, but I am the minority it seems. Shinn did nothing good for myself and friends we all loved the Nobile. We are all 85-100kgs. Also first hand my friend had a 4 year old Nobile that had a bubble on it and they gave him a new board of choice. Really spot on company. Have a T5, for 3+ years and 2 2hd boards and love them. Have a Shinn King George and it gets me 1 knot lower end than my 10cm smaller T5 so occasionally use it and no complaints. In light wind this board is fine. Other boards (Monk etc) are only good if powered up. They were downwind machines in 12 ish knots range and did nothing really well. So unless your wind conditions are strong or a light person or doing spins on waves, I would stay away from the Shinn myself. Others probably disagree. I have a NHP split, and love it. T5 my all time fav. 2HD love if not choppy then it's the best board ever.

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Re: Mobile NHP vs Shinn Monk Forever

Postby nicor » Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:42 pm

I have a 2011 monk and a 2013 XTR, but I've also test ridden the 2013 NPH and owned a 2011 Nobile 50.

I have a bad knee and ride in chop every session, and it works really well for those conditions. There is something about the pad set up, rocker and flex that just works for me and my bad knee. Even after 3 hours of riding in chop, my knee feels ok. One hour on my XTR = some pain.

I would say the Monk is more nimble, carves better, more flex and less splash in your face. My version has the Gorilla on the bottom.

The NHP seems like it is built like a tank and sort of plows through the water, tracks well, and likely goes upwind better, and pops better too. I really don't like the Nobile pads, I find them too heavy, the grip is not comfortable, and worse of all don't fit my feet well.

My thought if you're into freestyle and want to pop a lot go NPH, if you want comfort and more of freeride go Monk.

But just to be clear the Monk is by far easier on my bad knee than the NPH. I will not consider switching due to the comfort I get currently.

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