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Best Splitboard for a world tour? Nobile Split NHP vs ...

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Re: Best Splitboard for a world tour? Nobile Split NHP vs ...

Postby sedluk » Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:36 am

I think they must have had a bad run of the screws. Most of the screws can be over-tightened and will not break. I have had screws where I over-tightened them to the point where I had a tough time getting them off and I have never broken one.

I really like the click n go, just wish that all boards had them.

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Re: Best Splitboard for a world tour? Nobile Split NHP vs ...

Postby merl » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:49 pm

pixelpedro wrote:Anyone has any info on the Newind split surfboard, I'd b curious to know some real traveling - performance review on it.

Tnx in advance.
I have the 2-piece model that looks like the vanguard but with a less pronounced swallow tail. I think the current one is a Vader style. In any case these are tried and tested shapes that work well. The newind is very light. The down side is that the gelcoat (the outer layer) on mine is very fragile and I have repaired many many small dings -- the first just putting it into the back of the car on the first outing. Glad I bought in white. Invest in some white pigment for your epoxy... The finbox inserts on mine are old school fcs -- not so strong but relatively easy to fix if you take one out, which I did...

For travel it has worked very well. I use a bag made from foam camping mats and a "pool noodle" for the side walls. It fits in an oversized soft wheel bag together with three kites and harness. No damage from travelling so far (maybe 10 trips), so it has done the job and made travel much easier.

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