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The Truth behind Naish Warranties

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Re: The Truth behind Naish Warranties

Postby Starsky » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:26 pm

soul19 wrote:What bothers me with this whole thread is that the OP wouldn't offer up pictures of the damage to the kite....this is the first time that I have ever seen anyone do that. The shop quickly displayed the photo's as it clearly shows the damaged area's to the kite and how there was something sharp that had to be involved. This is not a Naish issue or the shops issue with the leading edge failure. I do agree that the shop had a great opportunity to step up and help this guy out and it appears that they did offer him a reduced repair bill. I don't see why this should have been made public as it is a means to try and flame a company to hand out a free replacement. No kite company is going to hand the customer a brand new kite (even Dimitri) but a little good will does seem to mend some hurt feelings.


To the original poster....if the kites suit your style of riding than I would suggest that you continue to use them. I would take hands down a good session with gear that rides well for me over my pride and gear that just isn't quite what I want. You don't need to support that shop but ride what makes your sessions killer.

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