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Kite spots found in Grenada / Grenadines

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Kite spots found in Grenada / Grenadines

Postby ThistleSailorKC » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:25 pm

Before going to Grenada I found there wasn't great info on where to kite, so here's what I know now on returning from there.

1- Grenada main land - beach where the hotels are on the east side is sketchy at best. Did not try to kite here. Lots of people on the beach and very big gusts/lulls. Other coves/harbors are too small and sheltered to make it work.
2- Union Island - Fun spot kiting below the reef. There's a bit of a downwind current to fight which is mostly water entering Clifton Harbor- not strong at all. "Kite beach" by the airport is a full service kite shop. Air compressor turns on at 8:30am. They charge $10EC to use the facility/launch/land there for your stay. Lessons are also available from a shop in town which we found to be less expensive and very high quality instruction. We were there at the beginning of January. Wind was on from sunup to sundown with surges following sunrise and mid afternoon. You can walk out to drift launch if you're the first one there, or there's a hook on a tree to help.
3- Frigate Island *also on Union*. Favorite spot, but also windiest day. Super flat water, no current. This is where most of the lessons were done. Wind was gusty first thing in the morning as you got closer to Frigate Rock, but clean near the beach and it was a great place to kite. Grass & sand areas there just large enough to rig and launch. It's a nice open area free of boat traffic because it's mostly too shallow for deep keels.
4- Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau - kite spot is on windward side of the land. You park in Salt Whistle bay and walk across. best surf spot, unobstructed breeze and a decent size bit of sand to rig on.
5- Tobago Cays - beautiful spot to explore. It's against the rules to rig/kite within the marine park on Baradel (which is not in the brochure). Best to boat launch or go from the windward side of Petit Rameau or Jamesby. somewhat choppy water but only compared to the super-flat of Frigate Island. This is a huge area and a really neat way to explore the reefs. Be sure to do the lobster dinner with Neil there in the Cays. Outstanding meal hosted by some very fine people for about $40US/ $100EC.
6- Sandy Island near Carricou- Great place to hang out, snorkel etc. plenty of room to launch and a huge harbor to ride. expect somewhat choppy water.

I had planned to bring a foil which i left at home due to luggage issues. Saw a guy foiling at Clifton/Union island who was restricted BIG time to a tight corridor between the shallow reef and masts of the charter boats.
I'd say if you're set on foiling to go to Frigate, the Cays (sketchy), or sandy island. At home, i nearly always ride a foil, but am VERY glad i didnt bring it with me. There's coral heads everywhere and plenty to see in the shallower water. You're better off with a twin tip and bigger kite if you're worried about range for the wind.
Also I'd brought extra gear hoping to teach some friends, and there's VERY few if not zero places to stand around in sand and teach. All lessons are done with a fast chase boat and team of people. They do a very good job, but if you're hoping to teach someone- they're best off with a real lesson.

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