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Ocean Rodeo Gen 5 Flite Review

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Gen 5 Flite Review

Postby Nico7 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:19 pm

Thx for your helpfull answer SparD
My Vader is new and it's a lot of fun to drive it above 14knts.
I prefer to feel the water and waves, foilkiting at the moment isn't in my focus
But I'm always jealous if there is 10knts and everyone is foiling;-)
I would use the 17 just to eliminate the time between 10-14knts;-)
And as I heard the 17m turns quickly, so it should works also in 1m Waves with 12knts with my weight and Board..
I hope so;-)

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Gen 5 Flite Review

Postby Digdawg » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:18 am

I ride a 17m flite and love the 14.5. For 10 knots your going to want the 17. It's not a 14/15 on how it handles, but for a 17 I have had a ton of fun on it! I used to have a 15 Best Taboo - the 17 Flite is light years faster than that 15. Sometimes when I'm working on a new trick I look for wind where I can try them on the 17 because it's so forgiving.

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