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New regulations on Kite Surfing in Mauritius?

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Re: New regulations on Kite Surfing in Mauritius?

Postby Bill » Thu May 18, 2017 10:26 pm

Anyone know what happened at le morne when the kitesurfer died?

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Re: New regulations on Kite Surfing in Mauritius?

Postby Lokihel » Fri May 19, 2017 5:13 pm

According to the newspaper he lost control of his board and drowned.
This most likely means he lost his board in the waves, probably had a bit of trouble with his kite as well and got dragged through the waves.

The cause of death was drowning, not any impact trauma.

I would not risk saying it is the first time a kitesurfer drowns at Le Morne, but the last time was too long ago for me to remember. It is not more dangerous than anywhere else if you follow the rules.
We did have a kiteboarder die in Palmar last year, but he died whilst kiteboarding, not because he was kiteboarding.

Jerome Bonieux
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Re: New regulations on Kite Surfing in Mauritius?

Postby Jerome Bonieux » Fri May 19, 2017 5:45 pm

It was a beginner, was having a lesson.
His kite went into deathloops, most likely scenario one of his steering lines wrapped around a bar end.. Kite looped and looped and looped and dragged him under the water for a few hundred meters. He unfortunately drowned.
No waves involved, it happened upwind of the kite lagoon, for people that have already been to Le Morne..
Instructor was a Russian "illegal", meaning he did not have a permit to work in Mauritius. Hence why the whole story was blown up and officials decided on these crazy measures that don't have any meaning at the end of the day.
Instead of putting in place measures to control the instructors and having life guards on standby to control the spot , they ban kiting from all beaches... except the one where the accident occurred, go figure what the logic is there!

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