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Chinese KB Hydrofoil : 300 USD + shipment

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Re: Chinese KB Hydrofoil : 300 USD + shipment

Postby downunder » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:34 am

Craz Z wrote:
Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:48 pm
downunder wrote: Re your back wing, it might be that your bolts are just not long enough (or thread on inserts in a fuse)? We have a lot of 316 here, they are cheap and I replaced it all.
I think the bolts are too long and need to shortened to clamp down harder. Do you know of any other way to attach the wing? You mentioned inserts I've never messed with composites and i'm kinda afraid of it. do you cut threads with a tap and then put in a insert like a helicoil? Also im kinda green on hardware we dont have a large selection of quality SS. I ended up on amazon and the only thing i could find was what was similar to the JNJ and its for putting furniture together, so I'm assuming they are crap plated junk too.

On the updated foil you have is the mast plate carbon or aluminum? and are the holes larger for countersunk normal size bolts like the name brand track boards? From the pictures the new one looks like several key upgrades but i can't tell much from the picture on their website. I like the fact you can remove the fuse from the mast makes storing and putting a cover on it way easier. And now it comes with a nice bag shoulda waited for this one i guess.

Also judging from the pictures it appears the new one doesn't use the sandwich nut and bolt just a bolt which would make all my loose wing issues go away. On mine I have to use 2 allen keys one on top and bottom of the wing and tighten it as tight as i can and it still wants to walk out even with loctite usually the opposite happens you want to lube the bolts so they don't seize haha.

Thanks Downunder!
I would suggest to put a semi hard foam between a wing and fuse, something like North NTT pads has under the heel which can be soft, medium or hard. Or even polyethylene plastic strip (from kitchen cutting board, thin it). Or rubber. That way its 'cushioned' for the tiny vibrations. Dunno, hard to tell. Clamping it super hard might damage the insert coz brass is 'soft' and SS is hard. If it is brass, you can probably tell. Sure, bolts can be too long as well. Measure the distance with a calipers, you'll than know for sure.

It is 'wobbling', which is causing this, I think. Maybe the way to reduce it would be a bigger surface area.

My foil has a tuttle. I'm not a fan of plates due to reasons mentioned.

Correct. It is one key operation. Not sure about the issues going away, if the surface area is small it will still wobble. Think of it as a rounded part (ball) on flat surface. The way to make it stable is to flatten the part or...

Craz Z
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Re: Chinese KB Hydrofoil : 300 USD + shipment

Postby Craz Z » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:59 pm

Wow thanks again Down Under!

Everything you mentioned makes perfect sense. I do think its vibrating alot I cant feel it but surely its happening. I will certainly put some kind of pad inbetween the wing and fuse. Like you said it would cushion and allow for more space in the hardware to clamp tighter hopefully isolating the vibrations. My version is a SS allen nut tube thingy and a allen bolt that sandwiches the assembly together both sides are countersunk no brass. :thumb:

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