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Rider feedback please - Rebel 2018 on 4 and 5 vs 2017

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Re: Rider feedback please - Rebel 2018 on 4 and 5 vs 2017

Postby supachip1 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:41 am

are there anymore reviews of this kite?
i have a fuse and like the kite, ive had the bridles catch tangle a few times after a wipeout, they they are so long! i was looking to try a rebel but now they are bridles also.
are the rebel bridles the same? judging by this review its a reworked fuse.
maybe an older rebel would be better to look for. certainly cheaper option.

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Re: Rider feedback please - Rebel 2018 on 4 and 5 vs 2017

Postby SantaMarianita » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:35 pm

I have been flying and loving my 2016 11m. Bought a 2018 13m. Tried to enjoy this kite, and its not a bad kite but just didnt feel like a Rebel to me, more a Conform.. regular slightly boring kite. As an earlier poster said, felt kind of vague to me.

But noticed that same poster said he flew on the soft setting and another guy here said try hard setting.

Tried, it definitely turned it back into a Rebel for me. The feel is now as I like it, I know where the kite is and what its doing. Boosts are great and high with lots of float time. Kiteloops do become a bit scarier on this setting.. but I didnt buy it for that. Very happy with my 2018 now.

So recommend hard setting not the soft setting it comes set with.

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