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Pivot Unbaised Review. Good Kite For Surf?

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Re: Pivot Unbaised Review. Good Kite For Surf?

Postby Hugh2 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:14 am

Great to read this thread. I bought my 2015 9m Pivot based on the original Pivot thread here. I did not know anyone with one or test ride it. I love that kite. At my level of skill, which is not the greatest, and I'm 62, it has made kiting so much easier in all departments. Riding strapless, or powered on straps, or trying to emulate Langarees jumps on TT. I just wish I could afford the 2017/2018 versions. I have not tried the larger sizes. I came from riding all Best gear, including a Cabo 6m but the Pivot is vastly better, in fact, I no longer ride the Cabo 6m, the Pivot 7m is so much better.

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