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quiz for armchair kite designers

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Re: quiz for armchair kite designers

Postby Bille » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:31 pm

tegirinenashi wrote:
Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:14 pm
Question #1:

How about the "ultimate pulley" above the depower strap


The advantage is that center lines are always balanced. Can you think of a single disadvantage that would invalidate this design? Bonus point: design a single line safety system for it (therefore, the answer does NOT concern the safety system).

I broke a back-line, on my 13m Edge, (in 2010) in the middle of Lake
Mohave ; that kite uses a low-Y, so i just reached up and grabbed the two
front-lines, and steered my way back to the beach, (with NO problems) but
was Glad i had leather driving gloves on , that day .
I would not have known how to do that, if i hadn't spent a lot of time
flying 3-5m, 4-line kites, on handles, with my buggy.
I did de-power the trim strap ; to keep the good back-line from engaging
as much.

The front lines offer a completely different type and feel , to turn
a water kite, than just pulling on the back lines ; but yes , any water
kite will turn by unbalancing the pressure on the front lines.
more-over ...
It's the way Ya tune a cross-control , (out) of a standard water-kite ; you
change the front-line on the wing that is flying faster , (wrong way then
go the other) . Does your kite turn
Left at zenith , and have a slow trim to the Right when flying at speed ?
YEP-- it's cross-tuned, and Ya use the front lines to get it tuned correctly

People that Always jump to one direction, (like Right only) will notice
the asymmetrical imbalance with their kite ; they stretched one front-line
more than the other because their tricks, are always done in one direction---
so it stretches the loaded line more.

Single-line safety system ; just go up the span of the kite, to one side
of the front-line system, above the pulley you added ; tie into that line
with your safety line.


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