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Posted: Fri May 24, 2002 4:04 pm
by RickI
A collection of kiteboarding incidents and accidents, reported from around the world have been assembled into the Kiteboarding Safety Information (KSI), resource. The KSI presents largely unconfirmed summaries of accounts as reported without embellishment. Each account includes the author's opinions with regard lessons learned from the incident or accident and commentary. Confirmed or not, the scenarios presented in the accounts and analysis presented are credible and deserve careful attention and consideration by all kiteboarders in the interest of avoiding, AVOIDABLE accidents.

The KSI replaces the Kiteboarding Accident and Incident Database. Concerns were raised about the Accident and Incident Database potentially being used against the sport of kiteboarding. The KSI has been assembled with Terms of Use along with printing and copyright restrictions in an attempt to reduce likelihood of the use of this resource against the sport of kiteboarding. The cooperation of kiteboarders is requested in complying with these restrictions.

The reality is that the lessons conveyed in the KSI are not common knowledge among kiteboarders, yet. As such kiteboarders may be fated to repeat avoidable accidents for lack of knowledge or adequate appreciation of potential hazards and proper technique. The KSI is intended to help to reduce the likelihood of repeating such accidents and incidents. Hopefully someday these lessons and techniques will be common knowledge at which time the KSI may be dissolved. Until that time, kiteboarders are encouraged to frequently visit and review the KSI as it will be updated with new accounts and information periodically. Constructive comments, supporting information, analysis and new accounts are always welcome and should be emailed to

To view the KSI you will need to have Adobe Reader, a free download, on your computer. Adobe Reader is available at:

The KSI is located at the following URL for now but may be moved to a more readily accessible website in the near future. ... formation/

Thanks for your interest and fly safe.

Rick Iossi