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Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2002 2:26 pm
by Royce
Lets try and keep it nice round here. There have been some pretty heated disscussions lately and I aswell as everyone else like to stir it up a little but man it sucks reading about one kitesurfers oppinion getting trashed by someone else. We all like diferent kites, we all look different, and yes we all have our very own opinions. Isn't that great. If you have something bad to say or if you are having a bad day......e-mail yourself a nasty note but don't get personal here....thanks. Some of the best points are made here. I learn stuff here everyday from people that I have never met. But the thing I would hate would be for someone who is a beginner to read some of the nasty posts lately and think what a bunch of loosers..... I'm outta here and never ask the question about where and what or how and who and get hurt or hurt someone else. Wann fight... go somewhere private.

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Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2002 3:07 pm
by Toby
thx Royce for your statement.

You are absolutely right.
I know it from other forums where people are smashing each other and I never understand why. Always something negative and sometimes such BS, that you just can't believe it, how some guys can't think that way.
This forum had only a few of these postings and hopefully it will stay that way.

Nothing about thinking different or having there own opinion, absolutely fine and welcome, but stay away from personal attacks, it just won't help nobody.
It will just get helped to be banned from the forums - and I mean it!

So come down and treat everyone like you are treating you best friends - the kite spirit earns it.


Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2002 12:45 am
by Johnny TBKS
I whole heartedly support the above two people and their thoughts on this subject. Play nice, be nice, speak nice, and if you have nothing nice to say.....well, you know.

I prefer this forum to others that are full of Yahoo's stirring up the fights, bickering, picking, and other such things that seem to be in pretty bad taste.

It's almost as if Royce just read a recent post by me on YAHOO stating pretty much the exact same thing there. Too many yahoo's running away the people who need and want advice and input as well as running off some that actually have good input to offer.

Personally, I LOVE YOU ALL!! Well, almost ALL. Theirs a few, but they know..and, like I said, since I have nothing nice to say....

Pea's Out!