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Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2001 4:24 am
by Guest
Hi there,

did anyone go to Punta Cana before?
Are the winds the same as in Cabarete?

Thanks for information.


Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2001 2:32 pm
by Guest
Hi Chris
I just returned from Dom.Rep. where I stayed in Cabarete, but also dropped by Punta Cana.
Cabarete is way overhyped in my opinion. It seems like Cabarete has got its reputation from the good windsurf conditions you find there which without critism has then been transferred to kitesurfing as THE spot: strong trade winds and good waves (and choppy water!). But I think its definately not all kitesurfers that like these conditions - many of us can do with more gentle winds, nice flat water and less kitesurfers around!!! (relaxing instead of fighting for room and reputation :wink: Therefore you will be able to find better places for enjoying kitesurfing all around the world in my opinion!
Back to Punta Cana: We went to a beach called Playa Juanita (15 mins with lokal buss from airport); winds from left, light onshore (beach S/E), NICE large bay with smooth flat water all out to the reef, which is triple distance from beach compared to cabarete = BIG room for playing!, ALL beach for yourself and best of all: we had stronger winds that day than they had in Cabarete!
I'd say GO for Punta Cana
Best wishes
René Qvist

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2001 7:45 pm
by Guest
Thx for you long report.
Do you have pictures of that beach in Punta Cana? If yes, can you send them to the webmaster and he can put it online?

I went to PC before but wasn't into surfing at all. My resort was Bavaro, which is big! But also a lot of fun. Unfortunately the beach was PACT :cry: Beautiful and big lagoon. I have to find out about the winds there. Maybe someone know exactly? Or a site to look up?


Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2001 8:39 pm
by marina
Go to or email Stefan at He has lived there for 10 years and can help you out.

RE: Cabarete, Nov/Dec are not its best wind months but from what I hear, Cabarete is much better for kitesurfing than windsurfing!

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2001 12:03 pm
by rene q
Sorry I have no pics from the beach, but all I can tell is that it's a very large beach/laguna with absolutely no people around and lots of white sand and cocopalms:). Unfortunately it's not going to remain that way - in a few months, so I was told, there is going to bee build 5 resorts on that beach!!!
It's such a shame, cause I would say that it is a PERFECT kitebeach for ALL levels (flat smooth water in the big laguna (not choppy like Cabarete) and waves out there on the reef). Hopefully the resorts will allow kitesurfing, but the beach will for sure be more packed.
But until then - KITEPARADISE!
I'd guess that from mid December the constant tradewinds will come in there every day for at least blasting with the bigger kites, but ofcourse it's a good idea to make an extra checkout on the wind before you go.
If you go there, please report on this forum.
Thanx, René

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2001 11:18 pm
by marina
Wind in Punta Cana is very inconsistent. This is from a friend who runs a windsurfing school there. Cabarete is the place for kitesurfing. It is a little rougher in the winter months just like anywhere else. If you want flat water, then you need to learn on a lake!

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2001 11:17 pm
by rene q
Come on Marina!!! Who are you making commercial for in Cabarete?? Yourself??
And don't be so arrogant about flat water. Actually lots of experienced kiters love flat water (also Cabarete guys who go to the river to jump really high!) and I don't buy that bullshit about Cabarete to be the only real place to kitesurf in Dom.Rep. Windsurfers need more wind than kitesurfers, and that opens for lots of unknown spots.
Sorry to speak in that angry way, but I'm just tired of hearing about special places as THE SPOTS - Cabarete is like Hookipa is for windsurfers - crowded and overhyped. I can't understand why you want even more people to come to that spot - there is no more room, and how good is a spot then??

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Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2001 11:31 am
by Guest
This is an interesting point rene is mentioning. The "Meccas" of windsurfers and kitesurfers will be or already are very overcrowed. Image the number of kitesurfers in 3 years and evryone is going only to the famous kitebeaches, which have been windsurf beaches before. Not only that all windsurfers, if any are left ( :smile: ), will be angry, but also the kitesurfers trying to have fun on the water but need to put the kite high up in the sky to pass 20 others.

E.g. I went to Mallorca, Spain in summer last and this year.
Last year we were the only ones on the water, almost no-one saw it before. Thsi year I went to the bay of Pollensa, which is up north. If there is a little wind were you can start kitesurfing, it is already packed. And to get out on the water it is just impossible, because all beginners are standing in the water with the kite high up. To start you have to fly the kite down to get power, but always there is a beginner in the way so you can't get high to get away. The problem is that the wind is thermical and therefore onshore. And always remember that the sport is at its beginning!!!

We have to explore new kitebeaches and Punta Cana can be a nice spot in adition. Waves can be a lot of fun, but whoever isn't that secure in handling with the kite, they would prefer flat water. I think too, that flat water is great for jumping, but I love ramps too.

I believe in Cabarete being always a Mecca for surfing in general. But Marina you can offer nice daily trips to Punta Cana?!

Relax and have fun :wink:

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2001 11:33 am
by Toby
oops - the posting above was from me!

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2001 6:01 pm
by marina
Yes you need less wind for kitesurfing and the locals in Cabarete have been scouting new spots for kitesurfing besides kitebeach. Just like any sport, there are places that you know that you can go for consistent conditions where you have support if something helps or breaks. If you are experienced, you can basically go anywhere. If you are a beginner or want advanced lessons, my personal opinion is to go where there is help/support.

Everybody has there own opinion re: what they like to ride. I get bored after a while in flat water because I like to ride waves and use them to try and boost higher jumps. Others love flat water.

I paraglide and love to go low and slow over the dunes at at the beach. Others find this boring and want to go higher and farther. It's only my opinion which is what a forum is about. expressing opinions right?