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kite encyclopedia?

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kiteman ks
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kite encyclopedia?

Postby kiteman ks » Tue Mar 30, 2004 5:24 am

Recently a buddy of mine got a whole new quiver of kites that are higher aspect than mine. After seeing the hang time achieved I thought although I'm saving for what I want, I need something slightly better in the mean time. After shopping around I noticed something... I have my favorite brands and have had, but I'm switching.... and I tell ya when thinking about buying used gear if you aren't extremely familar with the brand names... and if you haven't followed them very closely its hard to know exactly whats going on in that kite brand.

How many kite brands have gone from projected to flat sizing. I'm telling ya just about all of them and before you say naish yes in the beginning even naish. The trick is trying to figure out if your not familar with the brand when these changes occured. AR's are always debateable and because I like to cross brands I want to know the numeric values of the AR of a kite. Now I find out Ocean rodeo and Cabrinha are using the air craft method of figuring this....

What this all boils down to is I like to think of myself as experienced, and I know alot of this, and if not where to find it but its a pain. I'm thinking about beginners I'm sure this can all get very confusing to them.

HAS ANYONE EVEN ATTEMPTED TO DOCUMENT THE WAY ALL KITES HAVE BEEN SIZED AND THE AR'S ASSOCIATED WITH EACH KITE. I'm talking about using projected and flat side by side or at least explaining the conversion factor to others. This needs attention because in most cases if you don't print off the info the year its on the kite brands web site you'll never see it again. Sometimes even the mfgs get their own info mixed up after a year or so.... don't laugh I KNOW it happens.

well sorry I had to throw up all over the page I feel better now.

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