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Enough is enough

Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 11:08 pm
by ckramer
I am taking this from a local (Italian) newaspaper:

Basically, in between 8:30 and 19:30 kiting is allowed only at 100m from the shore in rocky areas and 200m in sandy beaches. (shouldn't it be the other way round?) Kitesurfing is allowed only for 14 year olds or over. Helmets+life vest are obligatory, as is a safety knife for kitesurfing. Launching and landing should be done at 100m from shore and from designated areas only.

Jetskis should cruise at 400m from the shore... I never saw a jetski that far away from the shore, but nobody seems to be concerned about jetskis, people just get annoyed by windsurfers/kitesurfers, I think this is because renting of jetskis by lidos is quite a good business.

Isn't this a bit ridiculous??!! I can understand restictions in crowded beaches, but too much is too much.

Nobody cares about laws in Italy but i hope this isn't going to be the new trend in the EU. Everybody seems to be concerned about the safety of swimmers but what about the safety of kite/windsurfers.... the designated areas for kiteboarding/windsurfing are really few, considering that these sports are getting more popular by the day.

Let's just hope that nobody will actually reinforce these laws, otherwise kiting (as any other watersports) in Italy will only be possible in winter when beaches are practically empty.

I can understand the safety of swimmers, but i cannot see why a kiter should stay 200m from the shore when swimmers are at a maximum of 20m from the shore. Also the zone where i usually kite in italy is a 5 Km beach. from a 5km beach there isn't a small stretch reserved for launching, so what is the use of these laws if there is no plan at all before they are launched?

Everybody should be safeguarded, swimmers, windsurfers, kiteboarders etc. I cannot see why it is so difficult for authorities to enclose small parts of beaches reserved for us before taking into account any laws.

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 6:15 am
by paulio
Well said , all we need is some one in the council that is a kiteboarder/sailboarder and you would find that the rules would change,it all comes down to suiting themselves when they feel like it, or maybe its getting close to an election year and their attitude "ON SAFETY" may win some brownie points from the general public.

Good luck

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 10:20 am
by ckramer
paulio wrote:...or maybe its getting close to an election year and their attitude "ON SAFETY" may win some brownie points from the general public.
European elections coming up!!! 12th june

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 11:58 am
by nEcKeL
:( :( :(

This is very scary for the future of kitesurfing. And this tendency seems to be very common in many european countries, at least here in Holland where i live....

Of course it is not safe to launch a kite on a beach full of sunbathing people but there are enough coasts and beaches in our countries to give a zone to every category of beach/sea/lakes users.

Problem is that laws are national (in general) and a new law will be implemented here at the end of the year.

In holland kiting shall be allowed only in open waters (sea), at certain periods of time and no more on the big dutch lakes.


The only way to avoid this restrctions is to negociate with every single town/village council to "free" a special kiting zone.

But until now very few have been granted and it merely arises to "kitesrfing forbidden" rather than "kitezone".

Even if the dutch kiting organisation puts loads of efforts in it, the athoritites see it more like one more burden because of the "dangerousness !!!!!" of the sport.

Problem is that by doing this, the authorities will make kitesurfing dangerous : nice spots will be overcrowded and safe spots are getting closed :(

We have a nice example in NL, Oostvoorne Autostrand....

Please save Ostvoorne Autostrand :thumb:

This is the safest place in NL for learning kiting (Bay type spot with Chest- height waters, no waves, no currents) and the auhorities are thinking about closing it next year :(((((((( then creating more danger for all the kiters especially the beginners who will have to face the north sea which is full with waves, currents deep waters etc...

There is the law and enforcing the law, but knowing the police here t :evil: hey will not hesitate to give you a fine if you kite in a forbidden place even if the beach is empty and you don't represent any danger for anyone :evil:

I'm very pessimistic in a better kinting environment in Europa for the next years, but i still hope, and as you guys said european elections are coming, let's hope that the elected guy will bring more FREEDOM for all than restrctions and forbids....

Aloha :thumb:


Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 7:24 pm
by Lord of the Boards
Write down how you think of kitesurfing around the particular spots and make a proposal for better regulation, so it's safe for everybody on the beach and water. Then give it to every kiteboarder you see at the spots and ask them to read it and put a signature. If you have enough signatures, send it to the council with a polite letter to make clear what you want. This can help. Lot of people don't know what kiteboarding is all about and how it works.

If this doesn't work, you could invite the local council for a demonstration of kiteboarding and safety. Show them what the safety aspects are and convince them that kiteboarding can be really safe.

It's proofed to work in the Netherlands on some spots.

Good luck, Jan

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2004 10:32 pm
by theflyingtinman
nEcKeL wrote: ...but there are enough coasts and beaches in our countries to give a zone to every category of beach/sea/lakes users.
The main problem is that most other categories of beach activities don't
pose any significat danger to the public or other beach users. So
kitesurfing stands alone in requiring a seperate beach area for
launching and landing. (Riding zones on the water don't pose the same
problem because once out there the water is not as limited as suitable
launch areas)

Steve T.