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Self Landing

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Postby chicagokitesurfer » Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:31 pm

I don't use a leash or anything and find this pretty simple. When I'm ready to land:

1) Depower your kite to the max (shortest fronts, longer rears)
2) Position the kite at about 15-25 degrees at the side of the window. If the area is small where you're landing, remember the kite will drift a bit backwards a bit. If there's crap on the beach, pick a spot where your LE will be relatively free of hitting debris when the kite hits the sand.
3) I position one hand on the end of the bar to steer the kite down
4) I position the other hand as far up on the chicken loop as I can
5) I steer the kite downwards very quickly as I lean back with the one hand to resist the kite.
6) After the kite has made its initial turn towards the ground, I pull the chicken loop towards me (if I have to I step forward) and let go of the bar and reach to the front line that is towards me
7) I grab the line and yank it hard as I step back

The kite will completely depower and fall to the sand

Takes a bit of practice but I have been doing this for years even in 30+ kts.

Self launching the kite with it out to the side is also possible and works well. Just gotta be sure your lines are for sure connected properly first!

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Re: Self Landing

Postby ronnie » Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:26 pm

DaveUK wrote:SELF LANDING - Over a beer the other day someone told they had seen a method of self landing by some how flicking the kite to land in the normal parked position. The exact method of performing this miracle was not revealed. I was a bit sceptical to say the least. At the moment I land in shallow water at the side of the window, let the bar go and then run like hell to be directly up wind before hauling it in - this method looks shite and often tangles lines. Anyone know of such a method or at least a better technique than I use at the moment?
I used to do it that way sometimes when I flew Cabrinha's that flagged to one front line. I flew it toward the ground and popped the Q/R when the kite was a kite width off the ground and it flagged out on thetop line and parked itself.

There is a video of the method here.

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