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Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 11:33 am
by Toby
have a guess where this ones goes to....


Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 2:01 pm
by petair

I got mine on friday. And there was wind (up to 26knts some even said it was more :-) I really can hold it up to 30knts (76kg) but jumping in this wind...
I did several of my highest jumps ever. And the hangtime is amazing. just pull this thing around, with amazing speed it flies up and then just jump...

two impressions:

This is not the maximum, i had even better jumps but noone wanted to film. And the landings are... well.. i did better on day2.



Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 6:32 pm
by johnmelton
Carlos_C musty be doing something wrong with your fs kites as i have yet to find any one who ca out mpoint me on my psycho 1 or just depower a bit and away you go...up up wind.
I haven't tried the smaller P2s, I just have the 26m and it does go upwind better than a 22.3 Airblast but not even close to a 18m Rapture in 10mph. I have a 12m Titan that does go upwind well but not quite as well as high aspect LEI's. Now that we have 100% depowerable LEI's, I won't go back to FS until they get better depower.

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 9:43 am
by Armin Harich

I was kiting over the weekend. Sorry, for my delay. Thanks to everybody, for pushing Alex to stay for his claims.

Let me answer to Alex from bestkiteboarding posting directly:
Problem is, Armin wants to do just a straight low-wind test to see who can ride a board in as little wind as possible. I want to do a light wind test whereby everything is judged, low wind power, turning speed, jumping, hangtime, fun factor, etc...
The competition is at 6-12 knt. Is this not enough wind for you?
All this is in the bet included. Only funfactor is not meassurable. For that reason, it is not compareable. But we will see, who will smile more on the Video Tape.
See, the big Hellfish feel and act like much smaller kites, and they make light wind kiting fun. Struggling to keep ground in 3-5 knots on a foil or a Hellfish isn't fun in my book and none of us actually ride in those conditions. Having FUN in 5-8 knots is something that's availbale to everyone now - my bet is simply that the Hellfish will allow you to have much more fun then a huge foil that feels and turns like a truck.
I will compete with my SPEED 17.0 If you need a HELFISH 25 to compete, go for it. We will see, who need the big kite to have fun.
The foil will probably win the absolute low wind / being able to ride test because 26m projected area vs 17m projected area (25m Hellfish) has advantages even to the most stupid among us. But, after that, the Hellfish will win in every category.
Fine. We go with a SPEED 17.0 you can take the HELLFISH 25 if you need it. If you say, you will win in every category, it means that you will spent 1$ into your words and let us compare.

About the bet. We will do everything on tape. Upwind, Hangtime, Relaunch, Jumping height, Durability, ... Everything is on tape with measurements and without fakes like faster playback, wrong units in wind meassurments or something else faked that was done already in his video claims.

I want to invite all people that have time to visit the challenge, to avoid fakes. The most people just want to see the truth.
We can also let everybody try out than our kites. And they can compare it head to head also.
They can write there testreports and post it.

That some people still prefer a LEI over a Foil even if we will win in all points is not at all a problem for me. Some people prefer motor bikes, some cars. Some prefer snowboards some Ski. That is live. I don´t what to change that.
But I am still sure it is interesting to see, how both performe head to head. Some people don´t want a hype. They want to see the truth.

By the way. I also want to add the weight of the kites of both kites to the comparision to let the people see also the trouth about the weight.

I had a Hellfish 13.0 the weekend in my hand. It looks like the weight is the same like a SPEED 17.0 or maybe 13.0. So the fabric weight must be double in weight compared with FS, because it is a single skin and we have a double Skin.

Maybe Best can explain it why their single skin Kite is so heavy.

Come on Alex. Show how your kite performs in unfaked 6-12 knts head to head.

Bye, Armin

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 11:08 am
by Danielillo
Touché :thumb:

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:39 pm
by the_lone_wolf
Been a couple of months since this was left to die...

funny how one kite delivered exactly what it promised and the other, well, you know the rest :thumb:

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:21 pm
by Random
the_lone_wolf wrote:funny how one kite delivered exactly what it promised and the other, well, you know the rest :thumb:
One might say the hellfish burst onto the scene :thumb:

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2005 10:29 am
by Armin Harich

I am happy, that Lies still have short legs. First I was angry, that he don’t want to stay for his bet and claims. But in summary, I still must say thank you to Alex for giving us the opportunity to show our benefits of the SPEED. I wish him good luck to clear his problems.

Bye, Armin