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2005 Underground FLX 132 vs. 2004 Underground FLX 132

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2005 Underground FLX 132 vs. 2004 Underground FLX 132

Postby Westkite » Fri Jul 22, 2005 3:19 pm

Looking for opinions on the differences between the two boards.

Hopefully from someone who's ridden both.

curious about performance in the chop, surf, and tracking. how's the new concave?

the 2004 is less money now and i prefer the flat underground pads so i'm leaning that way unless i hear the new one blows the old one away.



Frank Rosin
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Postby Frank Rosin » Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:16 pm

I was riding both.
Liked the old one but prefered the 122, love the new one and the 132 is my main board now.
Very comfortable and feels smaller because of the very flexy tips (but stiffer in the middle because of the concave).
When the new pads came up I ordered my first boards with the old flat pads because I thought they would work better for my riding style with moving my feet a lot, but once I tried and got used to the new once I never went back again.
Try both if you have the chance. I definately would go for the 05.
Both are great boards though.


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Matt Snowdon
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Postby Matt Snowdon » Sat Jul 23, 2005 8:02 am

Hey WestKite,
I used to own an '04 132 and i am now riding the '05 132.
Biggest difference i have noticed is the flex in the new board. Really awesome to ride. It makes choppy conditions fun.
I think the concave in the new board helps a bit with the upwind performance and aids in giving you that softer feeling under foot.
I was previously riding with the flat pads on my old board but am now using the contoured pads. Like Frank said once you get used to them they are awesome and i know i wont be changing back.

Remember that the new model uses metric screws unlike last years that have an imperial thread. Trust me you dont wanna try and put a metric screw in an imperial hole :(

Matt Snowdon

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