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Ruben Lenten age 9

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Postby Ero7 » Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:09 am

Amazing how the knuckleheads just don't understand "moral" humanly posts. But "The Club" and "Short and simple" ones get the poor brain residue spinning right away.

solo flight, they just don't know such words as "momentum", they open up the dictionary right on the F...

Well, what have we here.. some Frenchy pretending to be a Chinaman popped up:

"Why aren`t you one of the 100`s of people that die everyday??? ... And a big F#@$% YOU !!! from all the Chinamen"
- Kilokite

Nice one... retards of all countries unite and learn ambaASSador's diplomacy! :cheer:
If that grey goop in you skull is still able to memorize things, try to remember that Cabies that YOU fly, and Slingy that still "sponers" the clown are being designed by those "Mc Donald-eating-Budweiser-drinkers"...
Oops, sorry, no moral, waste of time... Better dig up that old bat... might help to sweep some trash...

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Postby Kilokite » Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:15 am

Moral and human are two words that don`t sound good in your mouth
What`s your moral???
Threatening a 17 years old , bashing someone because he has no sponsors, cheering a retard for some racist joke and the use of violence...

The only reason why I replied was because of that racist comment (same case for the Chinamen, and I am not pretending to be one )

I have been living in the states for 10 years working in the food industry so I feel pretty confident making that comment about your diet...

I could care less about who designed that piece of trash kite (CO2 14m 2005, sold) or the ones I am flying now .

I could also care less about Ruben(which rips and is sponsored not like you), that old timer windsurfer or that grouch on the beach(was that really your dad and your mom?)
I was actually on the beach that day and the one to blame is the guy behind the camera(he is twice his age and from your country) as he is the one that was heating it up with that woman(your mom?) and telling Ruben to even pull his tricks closer to shore so he `d get some better shots...

Good luck sweeping with your bat and shutting down Slingshot...

PS: you seem to be good in research so here is a little homework:
Je t`encule a sec avec des graviers toi, ta mere et ton pere.

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Postby Ero7 » Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:25 pm

"Can someone post the video at Sherman Island with Ruben so we can judge for ourselves>>>"

"I was actually on the beach that day..."

Nice... You were there, huh? :bravo:
Out of pot lately?
Man, you spent way too much time frying potatoes (called French Fries over there, I believe).

Go ahead and even blame the manufacturer of the camera.
The vid "just somehow" popped up online to bash the poor "kool" clowns, right?..

Kiteboarding has not been spotted by legal shit yet, but thanks to the
"driving force" really "pushing the limit" making this a reality.

Something for ya, sonny:
Kilo kysh, kilo mysh, kilo kaktamysh

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