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Nobile Skimboard vs. Spleene Door

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Postby the_lone_wolf » Sun Nov 05, 2006 11:28 am

just came back to this post, forgot about it...

i ride the nobile skim, and my comparison is with anothe rider around my weight, similar level, i was using a (bagged out) 13m fuel and the skim which has the low end of a 12m, he was on a door and a 16m crossbow, i was happily staying upwind, in three tacks he'd covered the best part of a half mile downwind...

i've also used the "old" door with a 13m speed and tbh it sucked, the kite was so slow in those winds you didn't have the option to turn it out of a lull or anything, even in downturns the kite wouldn't make it round without hitting the water and in light light winds you'll struggle to relaunch anything. i've used the 12m type 7 with the skim in the same kind of wind strength and i know for sure which was more fun. but give it to a newbie and they'll have a mare of a time

like i said before for cruising up and down in light winds the door is great, but if you really want to have **fun** in light winds, though not doing anything you'd do in high winds, the skim does that :bye:

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Nobile Skimboard vs. Spleene door

Postby pebbles » Mon Nov 06, 2006 2:35 pm

Skimmers rule in litewind. I have tryed the LW 179 and Cabal sx51 back to back. I was planing with both, but the 179 felt like a barge and the skim is so much faster.

Skimmers take some getting used to. Glassy or choppy, I still ride it. I currently fly a ZH20 and Type7 12m. A steady 10-12 and I'm having a blast with the 20, steady 15 for the 12.

Conditions here vary from butter to washing machine chop and waves. The ugly stuff is a challenge, but makes for easy airs. Definately go with some pads, wax didn't cut it for me.

I weigh in at 215lbs. and my other board is a CF 127x40.

I'd take a Nobile and lose the fins. Cool jetski look!

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Postby kitesurf66 » Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:29 pm

M Shinn wrote:...That is a pretty lame post...

You just hit the nail. This forum has become polluted with misinformation, half ass "opinions", pimps, and any other vermin in between. It's always better to hear it from the direct source to set things straight. I still read the forum and like it, but find it is being lost to BS.


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Postby PAFF » Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:47 pm

Im a big guy at 94 kg...
Have tried the Door and it does plane ealy... But IMHO its big, no fun to use.

If you like cruising its your bet.. It works.

I have the Nobile Skim board, and its pure fun.. In the same wind (What wind?) It more fun for me to be staying upwind, and doing tricks on that, than cruising around on the Door, until i can use my all-round TT..

I would say that beginners will have fun on the door, and more experience guys that get bored by just cruising would have fun on the N-skim.

bobbi o
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Re: Nobile Skimboard vs. Spleene Door

Postby bobbi o » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:28 pm

I haven't changed my nobile skim, since the original first appeared and remains my go to light wind board.

Is there anything else out there on the market which folks would recommend, apart from the nobile 2018 skim ?

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