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Isla Blanca!

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Isla Blanca!

Postby JandoF » Wed Feb 07, 2007 1:10 am

great spot!
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winged babar
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Postby winged babar » Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:12 am

Oh yeah baby!!! I'm leaving tomorrow for la isla. Too damn cold in Texas...

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Postby Darktanyan » Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:43 pm

I will be there at the end of the month, looks great!

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Postby Dave K » Wed Feb 07, 2007 10:55 pm

Just got back from a 4 day visit. Just as awesome as the pictures. Please note that from the Ikarus site right out to the where the road ends there are some occassional tree limbs below the surface. Just a few but enough to keep an eye out. The Ikarus guys charge 50 pesos to use their site or you can just park out at the end of the road and walk past the little restuarant.

I stayed at Soberanis Hotel in downtown Cancun for under $60 USD per night. 25 minutes get to the end of the peninsula. Mid size rental car was $100 USD for 3 days and a last minute flight booked with US Airways was $500 non-stop from Philadelphia (In Phili at 7:30 AM and on the water by 1 PM). Decided to go with 20 hours notice. Also note the wind does not blow every day.

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Postby chirojoseph » Thu Feb 08, 2007 8:08 pm

more and more people are discovering our "hatteras of mexico"..makes me glad to share, just try to help us kite safe. A few tips for Isla Blanca:

yes we charge 50 pesos (about 5 bucks) to launch from our school location. Weve been slowly investing in filling in the low areas and addition of composting bathroom and wells for fresh water, solar panels to run the pumps so that there is a shower to rinse off the salt water, create palapas for shade, pay for the tunnel hull zodiac rescue boat (boat is often being used for classes so if you THINK that you MAY NOT be able to kite back to the property please speak with our staff there so they keep an eye out for you...rescue fee is 20 bucks..), etc. Of course we have absolutely NO PROBLEM with people launching in other areas of the lagoon..for sure in 10 years there will be multiple launches and kite outfits (like cabarete grew) and thats fine with us :bye:

Some of our best days there are NW and NORTH system days...please ENTER THE WATER both PILOT AND LAUNCHER as the gusty wind and rocky shoreline are an accident waiting to happen...especially for those unfamiliar with our Launch.

When the wind is North East its sideshore at the Ikarus property and perfect.

when its more EAST than north, you are better off parking at the end of the road and walking to the sandbar between ocean and lagoon so that the wind is less gusty.

when its due east or southeast, riding up at the "angostura" (thin part) can be as glassy as the lagoons in brazil..but YES be AWARE that the water level will be very low and there ARE some rocks and branches left over from the wrath of Hurricane Wilma which completely destroyed the road that used to traverse the "angostura."

OBVIOUSLY OBVIOUSLY AND IMPORTANTLY when you ride there with east and southeast (offshore) winds do NOT let the shallowness make you feel secure!!! If youre a newbie, drop off your board once and a while to feel the depth..although the lagoon is shallow for MANY kilometers it eventually gets TOO DEEP TO STAND and there are VERY FEW fisherman boats that pass who could rescue you. If you end up out past where you can are going to have a 5 hour nightmare until you hit the other, unpopulated side of the lagoon and then probably 24 hours of hell trying to walk through the manglars along the side of the lake getting eaten by bugs until you get back to the outskirts of cancun.

and if you do not have a good kiteleash or have no idea how your leash should work and you LOSE your kite on an offshore day you will probably never see it again (its happened to alot of visitors (mostly kooks) and we hate to hear that sad story again and again!) as it will be blown out towards the mouth of the lagoon and eventually end up in teh ocean near the island of HOLBOX!

If you decide that you just HAVE to teach your friend or girlfriend on your own PLEASE do NOT do it in front of the IKARUS property!! We are trying to teach in a safe environment and comply with all IKO rules and regs...and there are hundreds of kilometers of lake for you to choose from so DONT put other people in danger just cause you want to save a few bucks on lessons :roll:

Make sure to stock up on some grilled chicken at the roadside stand in front of the last OXXO (like 7-11) as you come in, bring tons of sunscreen and WATER and come enjoy this pristine flat water spot with us before the multinational hotel conglomerates tear it all up as they have the ENTIRE COAST of QRoo.

Hope to see you out there on the water!
greets and good winds from the Ikarus TEAM

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cheers guys

Postby flyingkiwi » Sat Feb 10, 2007 10:47 am

Yeah couldnt agree more

ikarus and isla blanca rock, i was there a coulple of months ago, Jerado and all the guys were wicked, just want say thanks for all the advice and help!

I was down in playa del carmen, should have stayed in cancun!


Neil, New Zealand.

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