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Rhino7 14 or torch 07 14 for bigair??

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Rhino7 14 or torch 07 14 for bigair??

Postby Minime » Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:27 pm

just this quick question, I got already a R7 in 9, but steering-force is alot. so i´d like to direct towards torch, but I´m very afraid it doesn´t fulfill my request to BIGAIR?! pls let me know. . need to decide today!!


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Postby kakanala » Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:01 pm

R7 for sure.

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Postby mig27 » Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:27 pm

A motivated advice will do better.

First of all, what is your weight? If your weight is under appry ox. 80kg I would never buy a 14m2 R7 unless you have poor conditions at your local spot. But you do already own a 9m2 8)

I own a 12m2 R7, which brings me upwind starting at 11kn (measured). The bigger R7 are for heavy weight riders only. The wing is so efficient, you really do not need a bigger one. I even know guys of my weight who do not go bigger as 10 or even 9m2 as their smallest kite (approx. 75kg and less)

TorchIII 14m2 is a C-shaped hybrid with good high-end, but the low-end is not compatible with a R7 14m2. I would say 12m2 instead.

From my own experience the TorchIII is also a jumping machine, where I find my R7 more difficult to jump. Compared with the 12m2 TIII the R12m2 jumps as high, but with more hangtime. Since a 14m2 TorchIII is a big kite I doubt if it is fast enough for big air.

So compare TorchIII 14m2 with R7 12m2, I am sure the last one will jump higher. By the way I have a quiver of R7 12m2/Rebel7 9m2. I do not see the big overlap as a negative thing. I am even thinking of switching the 9 for a R7 7m2 or Rebel8 7m2 (claimed to have more power than previous model)

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Postby alex267 » Tue Aug 28, 2007 4:41 pm

i have the rhino 9 and rhino 12 , big air and boost and for unhook
the rhino is good but you want a 14 so you dont use it in high winds so
not big air and boost so take the torch and start freestyle moves..
Also the rhino 12 i start from 11 knots i am 73 kg and i ride the 555 130cm from 13 to 17 very nice for unhook from 18 knots and up big air. But if you want a c i say that torch is very good. the 2 kites is good
take the one that YOU LIKE..

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Postby Minime » Tue Aug 28, 2007 4:53 pm

i like the r7 in 9 very much, it gets high and hangs there forever.. my weight is around 77kgs, the most times I´m riding on lakes with verry gusty conditions.
the only prob I have is the hard steering force and force to hold the bar down when underpowered..and the amount of struts that weapon has. I basically need sth. up to 22 knots, where my 9 starts from ;)

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