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Riding Unhook with 08 Rebel?

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Riding Unhook with 08 Rebel?

Postby JBo » Fri Sep 14, 2007 4:32 pm

Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of testing 08 Rebel kites in my area. I’ve been riding 07 Vegas kites but am seriously considering 08 Rebels for a 2-kite quiver that covers a larger wind range. I keep reading more direct c-feel, but does that translate into unhook riding or just more bar pressure feel? If not I would probably wait and get the 08 Vegas.

Any Vegas riders convert to Rebel riders?

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Postby zgur » Fri Sep 14, 2007 5:43 pm

The real answer to your question depends. I spend a lot of time riding waves, and for that Rebel is the kite for me. For pure frestyle riding, the vegas has more power then the rebel - you get more height during load n' pop, more height during kiteloops (I Like that). You can use the rebel as a freestyle kite, and this years flies better unhooked then 2007, but you can't beat the Vegas for that intense power spike (if you like that feeling)....

If you like how the 2007 vegas feels, you will think that the Rebel feels more gentle - the power spike is not quite as intense. For some people, those over 40, etc. - this may be a good thing......the 2008 Rebel has much more power then the 2007 Rebel, and I know some folks are going to be very suprised when they try the same moves on the new kite.......

It all depends on what you want. If you mostly ride flatwater and want good unhooked performance, go with the Vegas. They have plenty of range. A two kite quiver, for average size rider, like a 9/12m combo, will cover 15 to 30 knots no problem.

I have a quiver of Rebels for riding waves (7/9/12). I also have a 12m Vegas for freestyle (2007 today, waiting for the 08;-).

Hope that helps, Zeev.

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Postby scepter » Fri Sep 14, 2007 9:07 pm

Just got a Rebel 08 10m2 and have riding it for two days in varius conditions, and also tried some unhooked stuff. What I feel is better than the Rebel 07, is the more steadier pull and not so on/off power. This does it more easier to get the proper pop when riding unhooked. I think the power are like my Vegas 07 12 m2 when I pop, but the Vegas has a little more agressive pull of the water!

The lowend are little better than the Vegas 07 12m2 (tested it today side by side).

Rebel: pure do it al kite, and a killer in the waves :thumb:

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