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09 Naish Torch "Core Riding" Video

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Re: 09 Naish Torch "Core Riding" Video

Postby Rockstar » Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:31 am

Ben Meyer wrote:
no kung-fu, and the riding wasn't gnarly enough either tbh. if it was then you wouldn't need all that "rain/sleet-effect" image distortion to make it look more edgy.

go back and look at the raven 2006 vid. that deserved "gnarly" in the title/description with those huge waves etc. and the first shockwave vid you guys did with the cool helicopter camera angle.

in comparison to those this material for your championed torch is total ...meh.

sorry, i guess i am in a gnarly mood today, but i can't be far wrong as until now no-one else had replied to your post ben, and this was languishing at the bottom of the page..
What a tool.
Sorry,am I missing some sort of private joke ??

Or did I read correctly,and Ben Meyer is calling this guy "a tool" simply because he dared to criticise his amateur movie?? (I suppose if you are being paid,its really a "pro" movie.)

As a representative for Naish, I don't think calling people "tool" is very cool !

Not in public anyway. I know you will always think that you are better than the "kooks" and "tools"

But its the kooks and tools that buy your funny looking kites that keep you in a job,my son.

Oh,and I thought the movie was pretty cool !

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Re: 09 Naish Torch "Core Riding" Video

Postby suRff » Sun Aug 17, 2008 9:04 pm

kevin rips. the effects in the vid are cheezy run of the mill imovie filters for the most part. naish usually put more effort into their designs. just my opinion..

would like to try this kite as well. do the smaller sizes fly well on 4 lines?

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Re: 09 Naish Torch "Core Riding" Video

Postby WindJammer » Sun Aug 17, 2008 9:57 pm

langree is the man. all really sweet tricks, love the double s to blind to start. i can't wait for the 09 torch's.

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Re: 09 Naish Torch "Core Riding" Video

Postby Ivel » Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:33 pm

Calling someone a TOOL should be taken as a compliment.
im a TOOL

the 2006 shockwave video is rad, those heli camera views are sweet and the soundtrack rocks. same for the 2006 raven video. this new video is nowhere near as gnarly but then again freestyle is not gnarly.

the New Torch is super nice in the surf too. ive been on the 12 for a few weeks and loving it.
i cant get used to the damn smart loop tho. it works great but i just prefer the ignorant loop

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