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Women's Harnesses

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:33 pm
by m_glover
Hi! I've been looking around for a waist harness and can't decide which one to buy. The choices are between the following as of now:

Dakine Siren
Dakine Wahine
Maui Magic Hana Harness
Pro Limit Pure Girl

I know I want a waist harness made specifically for a woman and was hoping for some pros and cons on the ones I've mentioned above. If you have one of these and don't mind taking the time to share your thoughts about it, I would be sincerely appreciative.

In addition if you have a different brand/style women's waist harness I would love to hear about it.

Thank you,

Re: Women's Harnesses

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:08 am
by Krazedkiter
Hands down the Maui Magic Hana is the best fitting and most comfortable womens specific my wife tells me.

Now Im a guy and this was for my wife...but believe me. We ordered.....and returned 2 out of the 3 harnesses u mention. The Maui Magic Hana didnt leave the house. She loved it. Lets just say that when she took lessons, her instructor (female) and another small framed male instructor both used it. We had already purchased it before the lesson and everyone talked about how comfy it is.

Now I feel a little awkward talking about this since Im a guy but the Hana is .....shaped better for your parts...... My wife tells me it fits parts better. There...are you happy :oops: :thumb:

All seriousness. She raves about it. So make your choice and try them on. You may think the Dakine is the bomb. Different harnesses fit different people.

Re: Women's Harnesses

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 4:27 am
by m_glover
Thanks a ton. That tells me a lot already. :D

I can't wait to get a new harness!!

Re: Women's Harnesses

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:31 pm
by echo
even tho this thread is fairly old - I also agree...i tried about 3 dakine harnesses and the maui magic hana harness and the MM hana was by far the most comfortable and natural-feeling. i've been using it for about half a season and it's seen me go from total beginner to grom. i have gotten compliments on it from kiters that like the style and admire the well made hi-quality construction. go with it, you won't regret it...!

Re: Women's Harnesses

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:36 pm
by Ice101
Ocean rodeo session 3. Super comfy and you can attach leg straps for windier days to stop it rising or killing your ribs in high winds as its hybrid. Girl friend loves hers.

Re: Women's Harnesses

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:03 pm
by K-Roy
My wife is small built, (50kg) she always complained about harness hurting her ribs and chest when over powered.
Untill she got the Ride Engine (XS) this one is perfect she said...