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Delta-ish Comparisons

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Re: Delta-ish Comparisons

Postby noel » Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:29 am

dkt wrote:The Best Kahoona is the sh$t
it works really good unhooked and in the surf
everyone here in delray are switching over to them
You forgot to say that Best is from Delray and that everyone is switching from Waroos to Kahoonas. If you go to Delray and there are 50 kites in the air, 48 of them are Best. I guess if EVERYONE is switchingthan that means the Waroos suck, right? :-?

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Re: Delta-ish Comparisons

Postby Rorke » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:28 pm

My first time seeing delta’s was watching the F-One crew rip it up in BVI’s in early '08. Wow! What a treat to see Raphael and his crew throw down.

I’ve been on the Kima 9m/12m since this winter. All kites are different, but here are some things worth noting. Perhaps they are features of all deltas.

The Kima can be flown with a ton of depower put on. My bar has been modified with an extra foot of throw on the depower line.
It still turns perfectly.
And even with a huge amount of depower, it will NOT Hindenburg.

My wife and I went to a flat water spot Friday. I’m 220lbs, she is 140lbs, and we were on the same set up. 12m and 137cm board. I was able to jump and stay up wind, and she was never over powered.

I look forward to trying other surf specific kites, as waves are my fav. So far, the Kima’s are everything.

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Re: Delta-ish Comparisons

Postby just do it » Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:07 pm

Here is a website that made short video clips of the main functions of the various kites. ... spleene-q/

This link is to the Spleene "Q" 12m test but at the top right hand corner you can choose other kites.
Unfortunately it is all in German but the videos go through the main aspects of safety and relaunch etc.
Maybe it's of use. :thumb:

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