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*Cabrinha Nomad 2010 Review is Here!!!

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*Cabrinha Nomad 2010 Review is Here!!!

Postby mmkiteboarding » Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:50 pm

*Cabrinha Nomad 2010 Review*

Bit of background info, I’m currently riding for the Cabrinha UK team and have been since October 2008. Mixing up freestyle with waves. On the rare occasion when the south coast gets a cheeky bit of swell you will find me out on the 5’9” S-Quad from Cabrinha. Last weekend I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new 2010 Cabrinha Nomad freestyle and wave machine.

Here are my thoughts on the kite:
The first thing that caught my eye was how Cabrinha have made the bag slightly bigger this year, as in previous years if you don’t iron your kite it can prove a bit of a mission to get it back in the bag after a long kite. The bag has the usual Cabrinha quality about it with some nice new simple features like the pump holder on the side and a couple of extra pockets for your spares. This year the bar goes inside the bag so no problems with losing that if you have a hike to the beach! The pump this year is the usual deal with all the features you will ever need to inflate a kite.


The bar:
So to the bar. I’m currently using the IDS bar, but I feel there are a couple of things that needed changing for future bars. All these have been thought about and resolved for 2010.
To start the override on the bar this year always seemed to move or slip if you were to let go after a pass or being silly overpowered, which is great for all people wanting the Cabrinha renowned instant depower. However for my riding and a lot of you people out there, this is quite frustrating. Nothing worse than missing the bar and dropping through the sky like a bullet or landing a trick and sinking due to the bar being half a mile away.
For the Nomad and all 2010 kites they have built the bar to perfection to cover all a riders needs! The stopper now grips much tighter and has very little movement. There is also a second stopper, which is sat behind the override, which gives you the ability to set a length of depower which you require and not move under any circumstances.
The chicken loop for 2010 has some nice new features like the new swivelling donkey dick. Super handy for unhooking. The loop also has a set suicide leash connection as you can see in the pics. Release is very similar to last years IDS bar.
Another great feature for this year with the bar is that the IDS line is now all sleeved and integrated with the depower line. This makes the bar very smooth, simple and no more worn IDS lines!
The swivel this year works very well, so no twisted lines. There is a nice new colour scheme for the bar and a stronger, more durable centre insert. Integrated bar end/floats from last year. Overall the bar has some fantastic new features working in conjunction with all the features which were impressive for last year.



The Kite:
First impact would be the new colour scheme! WOW there is some seriously pimp looking vibrant neon colours combined in this kite! Nothing quite like it on the market! Some sick new graphics also work in combination to produce the best looking kite at the beach!
On to pumping up - The same pump non-return system which Cabrinha kites are known for, very similar one pump system, difficult to change when it works so well.
One big change I noticed for the Nomad 2010 that there is no centre strut! A lot of brands for 2010 are steering towards this idea of no centre strut. It’s believed to generate more power through the canopy and for the main focus for power on the canopy not to be disturbed by a strut. Overall the kite has six struts, which makes it very rigid and keeps the canopy reasonably tight at all times. As for the bridle, it is slightly more simple than other kites the market. You get no tangles or time wasted trying to work out which point to connect your lines too. There are the usual slow and fast turning settings with another setting for more or less bar pressure to accommodate different styles of riding.
Usual bomb proof build quality looking at the stitching and canopy materials. No money spared in this department.
This is pretty much everything I can cover without getting it in the sky and taking it for a ride. Oh all lines are colour coded as always so adds to prevention with setting the kite up incorrectly.



Riding characteristics:
I was looking at a nice NW breeze in sunny Poole over the weekend maxing out around 22 knots. Some perfect conditions to give the Nomad a good test. Up in the sky it pretty much flies straight out the bag, no adjustments needed.
Being NW this isn’t the cleanest direction in the harbour and the kite seemed to handle the gusts without any hang-ups at all. I couldn’t believe how stable the canopy was without the centre strut. It just didn’t budge! I had the 9m out on this occasion and compared to the 10m switchblade the 9m was vey fast through the sky and turning was very tight and reactive depending on how aggressive you are with the bar.

Freestyle Capabilities:
Starting with kite loops, this kite has a nice tug to it with a tonne of pop for unhooked loops. Very smooth power delivery throughout the loop, nothing worse than a kite which tends to unexpectedly yank you trough the air backwards!!
As for the handle passes, the bar seemed to have very little pressure and really slackened off in the pass which was a great change to what I was used to. No unexpected movements with the kite.
The kite is very direct, so when landing to blind, the kite didn’t take any unexpected dives. In all fairness the Nomad is a real competitor with all those C kite lovers out there. No stalling or flying backwards, boosts without needing to over sheets the ass off of it.

Wave performance:
Will be updating this asap. Awaiting some swell!

I’m under the impression that with my weight at 70kg I will be looking to get going on the Nomad 9m in around 16knots up to 25. This is a nice size wind range for one kite. Obviously this will vary a lot depending on weight/ riding style but it gives a rough estimate. Depower on this kite is incredible as with the whole Cabrinha range. Letting go of the bar with the over ride off or set very light will instantly kill the kite! Trimming the kite makes a huge difference with unhooked riding as you are still able to unhook at the top of the kites wind range.

The relaunch on the Nomad is very slick. You have a couple of options available with this kite. If you let go of the bar, the kite will generally fall to the side of the window and sit waiting to be relaunched. If you happen to dump the kite straight down the middle you can either pull one of the outside lines and it will rollover or you can grab both lines and pull which makes the kite fly up backwards and turn over! A real handy option if you need the kite up quick!

Any question or more info on any of the Cabrinha range just PM me or drop me a mail at

Hope this is helpful

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Steve Martin
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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 Review*

Postby Steve Martin » Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:01 pm

Great review. I'm looking forward to trying the 2010 Crossbow.

Richie RIch
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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 Review*

Postby Richie RIch » Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:29 pm

Steve Martin wrote:Great review. I'm looking forward to trying the 2010 Crossbow.
Likewise! Or even just reading a review!

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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 review will be up on 1/07/09*

Postby spoetnik » Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:05 pm


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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 review will be up on 1/07/09*

Postby Dave_5280 » Fri Jun 26, 2009 2:43 am

Found this online -

The Cabrinha Nomad 2010 is not a bow kite, has a more closed arc than our other kites, and it utilizes an IDS bridle and the same control system as the other kites. The Nomad is a kite for an advanced rider looking for performance in freestyle and waves. The kites turns off the wingtip and generates a lot of pull in kite loops. The Cabrinha Nomad is ideal for anyone looking to do huge unhooked wakestyle tricks while still having the safety and depower of the IDS bridle and control system. In the surf, the kite sits back in the pocket and pivots nicely so that it's always in the right place. The Nomad absolutly floats as you rip down the line. The Nomad has great depower and turns fast. The Nomad handles the task of unhooked riding by delivering a constant steady powerband. When unhooked the kite continues to fly forward, making the power predictable during your tricks. On the fly depower is extremely linear which means you’ll always have the correct amount of power for the job at hand.

In general, the Nomad size for size generates about 1+m kite size less in low end than our other bow kites. The Cabrinha Nomad will be available in 4 different color schems : Black / Red , Orange / Black , White / Black / Green , Black / Green / Yellow / Purple / Blue

Nomad Sizes : 4m / 5.5m / 7m / 9m / 11m / 13m
Available Kite only or Complete with Cabrinha IDS bar and lines.

* FLAT SEAM PANEL Construction

This season we take durability head-on with the addition of transitional strut panel materials and reinforced LE closing seams. We have reinforced the high load areas of the Cabrinha Nomad with a transitionally weighted material. This well-placed material acts as a buffer zone between the rigid strut areas and the canopy. The entire canopy of all kites are flat seamed and taped prior to sewing. This is 20% stronger than the free hand sewn method of a top stitch.

The leading edge of the Cabrinha Nomad closing seams now impliments a hot melt glue tape in the leading edge closing seam for added strength. The entire trailing edge implements a two-ply of tough 70 gsm material for added durability and strength.

The full contact between the strut and the leading edge helps to ensure a rigid frame for the industry leading Cabrinha Nomad. The positive connection not only provides stability while the kite is in flight but delivers added durability and a rapid relaunch.

Improved bridle lines.
We use a corded bridle material for use in the sections that pass through the pulley.
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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 review will be up on 1/07/09*

Postby Kosh » Fri Jun 26, 2009 9:49 am

Sounds like the build quality should be good.

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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 review will be up on 1/07/09*

Postby mig27 » Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:34 am

Sounds like a delta shape kite from Cab.
IDS was already comparible with the EVO bridle from F-one from 2008.

Even Naish will come with a delta shape like kite in 2010

SB IDS is a nice kite. Should be great if they have put those characteristics in a delta

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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 review will be up on 1/07/09*

Postby merloplano » Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:29 pm

Dave_5280 wrote: The Nomad is a kite for an advanced rider looking for performance in freestyle and waves.
I've read similar statements in the past, from other companies. How did Nomad blend opposite requirements, as steady pulling kite for wake and fast and lighter kite for waves?
I have yet to see a kite that does everything with A marks, so I'm curious

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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 review will be up on 1/07/09*

Postby ScottM » Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:40 pm

merloplano wrote:
Dave_5280 wrote: The Nomad is a kite for an advanced rider looking for performance in freestyle and waves.
I've read similar statements in the past, from other companies. How did Nomad blend opposite requirements, as steady pulling kite for wake and fast and lighter kite for waves?
I gather that's why they have the Switchblade for the steady pulling wake kite and the new one to satisfy wave and freestyle riders.

Will be curious to see what the Cabrinha team riders pick for their quivers

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Re: *Cabrinha Nomad 2010 review will be up on 1/07/09*

Postby toyletbowl » Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:48 pm

nope...not a delta.


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