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Self launching sle the old fashioned way..

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Re: Self launching sle the old fashioned way..

Postby Jnonny » Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:36 pm

I may be a bit biased, but am a fan and long time user of the fixed point "anchored" means when it comes to self launching and landing SLE/"High-Depower" type Kites --a reliable fixed anchoring means just takes so many variables out of the solo landing/launching mix ..(not to mention variables from assisted launches/landings from unknown/unqualified individuals as well)..

There's also some inherent solo safety aspects that come with fixed point anchoring/launching, including the ability to check/verify proper line connections and the absence of any tangles, etc prior to engaging in a solo launch.. plus no sliding of kites or sand bags to cause damage, tangles and/or inadvertent hot re-launches and the like.. Where it's certainly optimal to pursue knowledgeable assisted launches/landings, conditions just don't always allow for it ..and a reliable fixed point means is the next best thing..

The "KiteBuddy" Self Launching/Landing Aid (Anchor/Clip-In System) has a proven track record of offering a reliable/portable anchoring means for solo kite launching and landing.. Been using/selling these for a couple years now and the design really offers a solid/reliable solution..

Can check them out at the


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