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Re: Hard working kiter wanted - Commercial Fishing Job - Ala

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:49 pm
by sfpete
You're an idiot and a nasty, insecure person. Weasel is about right. He hasn't done anything to you to slag off his offer. At least your continuing idiocy keeps it bumped for him though.

Re: Hard working kiter wanted - Commercial Fishing Job - Ala

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:58 pm
by flyingweasel

Re: Hard working kiter wanted - Commercial Fishing Job - Ala

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:19 am
by DesertWind
I'm back on the forum as another summer approaches. The same guy worked with me the last 2 years and he has moved on to a bigger, better fishing job. If anyone is interested this year, send me an email. Read the original posts higher up for the details.

Thank you flyingweasel for your really thoughtful comments.

The job is what it is and, like anything, there is a lot of give and take. For instance, we kite a lot, which is nice and not normally part of a job. You get to see and live in a remote and beautiful part of Alaska--something almost no one gets to do. Something most people will complain about when they are there and then tell stories about for the rest of their lives. I know I do. You get to work a job that is hard but also very different and interesting. Part of the reason the job is so different is because you never know what your going to make--prices change, fish come and go. That uncertainty is enticing to some and repulsive to others. I have made $15,000 in 6 hours and I have also made nothing in 3 months. You are fed and housed for free and many days have either no work or little work. So in a 35 day season you spend a lot of time kiting, hiking, 4-wheeler trips, walking the beach, but also mending nets, gear rigging, keeping the camp up (a little painting and carpentry here and there), etc. But then when the fish are in, its amazing and it's hard work. You're making money and working harder than you have probably every worked. For those few days it's thrilling, lucrative and brutal. It's not for everyone. But I dont need to hear from everyone, just the hard working kiters looking for a little cash and an adventure.

Email asap if interested and follow guidelines in original 2 posts.


info at

Re: Hard working kiter wanted - Commercial Fishing Job - Ala

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:40 am
by DesertWind
Every year I put my feelers out here for a hard working kiter (one poster a few years ago said that was an oxymoron! Ha.) to commercial fish and kite with me at my set net site (Fishcamp) in remote Western Alaska. This year I have a few good people on the hook but, alas, none are kiters and kiting before, after and sometimes during fishing is something that always keeps me smiling even when I'm dog tired from work. Also, I have found many of my best crewman here. Thank you KiteForum!

If interested, look through my posts on this thread from the last 4 years for some details on what/who I need for this job. Something that has changed is the compensation––10-15% crew share plus most or all expenses/flights (depending on experience). In a nutshell, I need someone mellow, pleasant, fast learner, some boat experience, small engine experience a plus, into living in a cabin in the middle of the wilderness for a few weeks June and July (probably mid-June to late July). You do need to be physically strong and have experience with hard outdoor work. It's a ton of fun and we do lots of kiting and other adventures between fishing "openings." Usually there is only 10-20 days of fishing in a given season, the rest is work around camp or adventures/kiting. If you want to see pictures and videos of what we do, visit my direct market business website

Some folks have asked why I ask for a new crewman every year. Am I really so sadistic that everyone quits crying and doesn't come back? I a pleased to say that many of my guys get better paying fishing jobs because after working with me they have a lot of experience. Good for them! Also, many of my crewmen do work for me multiple years, but I still put out the word asking for applications just to cover my bases in case they have to back our last minute. If a serious applicant wants to email any or all of my past crewmen, I would be happy to put you in touch so you can find our what its like from the horses mouth.

If you are interested, message me through this forum ASAP with an organized message stating your name, contact info, why you want to do this, a brief description of your relevant work experience, etc.

Traveler Terpening


Re: Hard working kiter wanted - Commercial Fishing Job - Ala

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:41 am
by chemosavi
Juxtapose this job with a week at Burning Man.

From fish to raving topless hippy-chicks.

Then get a job as a doorman at the Plaza and digest the indignities.

Rappa king string thing.

Float my boat then bling my dingaling.

Kite-on, righteous man!