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KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby eastcoastkite » Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:50 am

For a quick long lasting repair nothing is better then kitefix. Before this product I used to use sail repair tape or tear aid- which was not as strong and did not last very long at all. I always bring a kit whenever I travel, it will save your vacation.

I think for a clean repair that will help your resale value more, its better to get the kite repair professionally. :thumb:

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby mattb » Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:13 am

Hi there Kitefix,

Firstly the kite is a one year old Ozone lite, and the damage was a split half the circumference of the leading edge together with an additional split leading from this down the length of the leading edge. The split that has re opened twice now was the one running down the length of the leading edge and this is about a 12" split. The area was cleaned very very thoroughly on the second attempt and Dacron tape was applied well to the split from the inside both times. The glue was applied twice and allowed to dry for 24 hours before the final dacron and glue to the edge were applied on the outside. This repair held well for 3 hours, however the glue became soft with the heat and the bladder burst through again when the kite was on the beach.
In fact when I was looking at the split on the beach you could see that the glue was too soft, and the remaining part of the split was easily pulled apart all the way along.
This repair has taken a lot longer than getting the sewing machine out, and has cost me a lot more.

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby sprockett » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:18 pm

End of the day Kite Fix should get you through an emergency, When you get the chance you should get the kite professionally repaired to ensure trouble free kiting..

Shit... i'm a pimp I own a kite repair business

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby azbree » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:10 pm

just reading this old post ,funny how kitefix left the thread when tit got heavy lol

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby hshim007 » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:25 pm

I agree with Matt above mainly on Leading edge repairs. I fixed a leading edge twice with Kite fix. Once as they described then again, inside with fibre tape and dacron and also on outside with fibre tape and dacron. Glue started giving way in the heat and the repair started bulging. Finally I spent the better part of an hour peeling away the kitefix which for the most part peeled off too easily. I then put a dacron patch on the inside, machine sewed the tear and then put a dacron patch on outside and machine sewed both around the perimeter of inside and outside patches (using UV protected polyester thread). Perfect repair, no bulges and this repair took less time than gluing inside and out and waiting the 24 hours for each repair with kitefix. Kitefix is great for emergency repairs on travel but ultimately get your leading edge professionally done or learn to open a leading edge and sew it up yourself. :D

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby C Johnson » Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:06 pm

seems like all of these glues vary slightly in viscosity and dry time.

personally I think if you've got the time to wait. aqua seal makes the nicest and strongest repair because of how well it flows. it really seems to get down in the fabric and make a good resin/matrix bond.

kite fix has its place as being easy, color matched and quick. I don't think it holds as well as aqua seal though because I think its too thick and cures too quickly to completely flow into the ripstop the way aqua seal does.

I have used kitefix glufix back to back with shoegoo and drywall tape (when I ran out of kitefix) and I could not tell a difference between them. Cure time and viscosity and bonding strength all seemed fairly similar. price and availability are the two factors that I found to be drastically different since there are no kite shops nearby so I have to resort to what is available at walmart and home depot. (shoegood and drywall tape)

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby kitesafe1 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:12 am

There are also alternatives on the market, with more useful items for the same price.

tinge wrote:just wanted to share my kite fix repair story.

I gor a old blade vertigo that i had a tear from LE to TE .
it was a standard L shape tear.
The problem with kite fix is its problematic to get the egdes nice and even.
IMO The sticky bit on the fiberfix is to weak to hold the fabric together.
Soo i always use spinaker tape( not sure if the same name in english, but its a tape of ripstop nylon).
I apply the spinaker tape on the top side of the canapy with a thin layer of glufix- and i color match with kite .When you do this you got som wigle room to get the fabric nice and even.
Then i use the glufix and fabrik fix on the underside of the canopy.
I i feel this is a bomber fix and have never seen a problem after.

If the fabric fix hade been a litle wider i do belive that i had been easyer to get the fabric even in the tear egdes..

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Re: KiteFix's GluFix vs Seam Grip®

Postby marekmk » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:29 am

kitefix is the best!

do not try to use it on the beach, and then complain its messy, as did one of my mates!, in your room or veranda with no wind. the strength of the repair is mind-blowing

thank you kitefix for having the imagination to put this package together.

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