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Kitesurfing in Asia - chasing the wind! Help!

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Re: Kitesurfing in Asia - chasing the wind! Help!

Postby bbong02 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:57 am

The good thing about Taiwan is the wind and people here are great. Guan Yin looks great in the summer but it is a whole different boat in the winter. The South of the island in winter is great too. The wind is not as consistent but it's got flat/small chop and some wave places to ride.
Guan Yin in winter looks a lot different than what you posted. This day was an average of 9' plus close outs

A flat water spot on the island that works in summer and winter

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Re: Kitesurfing in Asia - chasing the wind! Help!

Postby KingAstra » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:47 am


These pictures could have been taken in denmark too ;)

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Re: Kitesurfing in Asia - chasing the wind! Help!

Postby joffaburger » Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:55 pm

Toby - that is GuanYin or KuanYin so many different ways they spell things in Taiwan, 20 mins from Taipei airport due West to the coast. And yes it is way different in the Winter from what the locals say, big swells and very solid wind. The day those photos were taken the airport reading was 20knots at 10am but I would guess it was around 30knots on the beach. So add 10knots on ENE NE wind direction from Airport reading... I was quite overpowered on a 9m eclipse kima on 20m lines - I rode it for almost 2 hrs on full depower and was too scared to launch into a decent jump until 1 hr into the session when I felt a little bit more comfortable! I switched to a 7m Ozone in the late afternoon as the gusts must have been hammering up to 35knots.

To give you an idea I have been out on a 12m Switch 3 in 35-40knots in gusts back home and been able to kite (survival style only) tentative jumps and keeping the kite at 11 and 1 most of the time. That day in GuanYin was just under those conditions 30knots to 35knots in gusts for sure. I am ordering a 6m kima so I can go back over the autumn/winter season as when I asked the locals if this is similar wind to normal winter wind they said yes and the maybe a little bit more! No wonder there are so many Windsurfers in Taiwan... they were out on 3.5 and 4.5m sails and were getting some nice bump and jump action.

Organizing some weekender's to Taipei for the winter season to get my fix of wind and waves so I don't go crazy in Hong Kong! Thanks to all posters to this topic you have helped me find a gem of a place that is on my door step....

PS. Couple photo at my local break and flat water on the Gold Coast Qld back there Xmas for a week can't wait!
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