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The Naples kite boarding reunion is coming

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:23 pm
by latino
Hi guys

The Naples kite boarding reunion is coming up very soon, our countdown will start after the first weekend of November , this means after the first weekend we will start looking for the perfect weekend with wind to do the event, we will continue to post updates and let everyone know what is going on. We are looking forward to seeing you all, we will have a blast. This means we will wait for the perfect wind so that we can have the perfect event.
Thanks to all of you, this year is our 4th annual event

Now comes the boring part
Register; please send me an email to with your name email and city,
As you know we are doing things a little different this year, we are doing a
Course race-figure 8 slalom

Pro and amateur-Freestyle- biggest kite loop, wave riding, biggest air, longest dead man etc

Paddle board demo

Skim board demo

After party and winners ceremony will be held at winds talkers kite boarding store 852 1st ave south a few blocks from the beach

Donation for event is $50

Please register asap so we can get a head count for the riders shirts