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Spleene X19

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Gear: Splene x-19, Bandit dos 14, Naish Cult 12. Spleene HT Door59, Gintronic 138
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Re: Spleene X19

Postby lordaeron » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:10 am

I've get second hand X-19 from faxmaestro. It's my 1st experience with big closed cell foils. It is f$&ing powerfull kite. Impession is abslutely diferent from inflatables, it is a locomotive. It speed up like locomotive, turn like locomotive, but pull also like locomotive. But it is tender locomotive. It pulls from water very gently.
After X-19 14m F-one Bandit seems a training kite. I like this kite very much, it adds a lot of time on water. I didn't check the wind but when I started there was only Zephyr and 13-14m pumping. With maximum depower and 160 door i've edged upwind much more than Zephyr. 13-14m were only go downwind. Then wind get stronger i've just changed board to 138 and continue. I've finished at 8.5 m/s, and was a little bit overpowered but still under control. I'm realy happy. $)
My weight is around 95kg, so more lightweight rider will have lower high end.

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Re: Spleene X19

Postby Kober1974 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:15 am

Its been 2 years since I make decision on getting X19 instead of S3...

Here is what I think after many sessions of our crew ( 2 x X19s and 2 x S3 19 )

get you going faster in lighter winds, about 2mph before S3
you don't need to pre fill it , just hot launch it deflated in any wind conditions
5th line safety
more stable when stationary at zenith or side of window in "no wind" conditions
pulls like a truck , good luck stoping it .... generates tons of apparent wind .... sometimes is not a good thing

way more de-power
top end way above X19s
a bit faster turning

What I would choose if I have to buy again ??

Not sure ... I am very happy with that extra power and stability in light wind conditions in X19 and very jealous of de-power and top end in S3 ... so I am happy that decision is been made 2 years ago ... and I think I prefer ride my 14m inflatable then any 19m when wind is above 15mph .... so maybe for me top end of S3 is not as impotent as low end on X19 at this moment ......

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