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Guantanamo Bay

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Re: Guantanamo Bay

Postby 72kiteboarder » Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:50 pm

Arcsrule wrote:
72kiteboarder wrote:
Arcsrule wrote:you would need a military id card to pull it off. got to get there and need a place to stay. once there it should be great! i know a few really good people, no boats, some flat and some waves. i would not ask for gitmo orders just for the kitesurfing.

I am here now. For the next 30 months or so. Not much wind this time of year. Was just wondering if anyone had been here and kited before. I may be the first ever!

you got kites? got permission from the base commander/security/safety? are mac flights still out of norfolk? i can come down :) (retired a few years back)

Kites, yes. Permission from CO, sort of. Security, we'll see. Safety, not gonna tell them. We will see how it goes when I hit the water. Wind should start picking up here in a month or two.

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