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Does a knot in the kite line really half its strength?

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Re: Does a knot in the kite line really half its strength?

Postby kitexpert » Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:06 pm

Yes knots are bad but sometimes they are needed. I've joined broken steering line with a fisherman's knot and it has lasted ever since (so far too lazy to join it with splices :) ).

In front lines knots are not acceptable. I have hard time to understand how overhand knots appear in some kiter's lines but for sure it is possible. If you are careful it should never happen. With foil kites it is practically impossible if and when lines are always connected to kite.

I've used overhand knots making bridle line loops with good results. But line is then doubled and knots have to made carefully, knot must be flawless. Figure 8 knot is better but it is bulkier and slower to do than overhand knot.

Elf kites use simple over hand knot derivative knot attaching bridle lines to loops in kite. Advantage is it is easier to remove a single bridle line than if line is attached with loop and normal method. FS LCL system is also easy but it needs LCL's.

Splices are of course best, not only for strength but usability. In very thin lines like fishing lines splices are too difficult or impossible to do, so knots have to be used.

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Re: Does a knot in the kite line really half its strength?

Postby foilholio » Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:50 pm

A big disadvantage of overhand knots other than strength is they slip.

Fishing does use splices but you need specific line for it. They can also glue line together or use it as an extra. Knots are the main stay though.

The Chinese have a knot specifically for kites, which is simple, easy to adjust and looks strong. I can't find it right now though.

This was posted on the pansh facebook ... 253094989/ It is quite novel and follows the logic of one of the simplest strong knots, the loop with either overhand or figure8 knot. The principal follows the theory that an increase bend radius and friction spread over a longer straight load section is stronger. By multiplying the folds in the line up that is then achieved.

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Re: Does a knot in the kite line really half its strength?

Postby RedSky » Sun Jan 05, 2020 5:07 am

I have had a line break right at the knot. It was an 8.5m foil kite on land thankfully.

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