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New to forum, help please

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Re: New to forum, help please

Postby redman333 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:30 am

I know it's been a long time since I posted or gave an update. I think I've progressed pretty good considering everybody saying if fail or have a big accident without having taken lessons. With all the warnings it did help me to be a bit humble and go at things slowly so thanks everyone for being so harsh. I will say this though since I've learned and have seen several others learning on the beach, I believe I'm more the exception then the rule. Not bragging on myself by any means but I've watched several guys go out and have huge issues with flying the kite. Noboy has hurt themselves or anyone else but they are lucky and haven't been in control at all. All of these guys did not go with lessons. They others I've seen have had lessons and they have a basic understanding of the kite and how things work.

So I've been able to learn how to get up and ride in everything from light wind 12mph all the up to high winds 30mph all on my 12m NRG kite. I will say this i still continue to do better in the 20+mph wind speeds at least with going up wind. I find it hard to go upwind in lighter winds with my kite. I realize it's my kite now since I've had the chance to ride a few other kites in the same conditions and I can sail right upwind and with fairly little effort. I've also noticed the other kites are just easier to ride. I like my kite for the grunt it has but it's definetly not the easiest kite to fly. I recently started jumping with the kite and I must say my kite is GREAT for that and I love it.

I've been looking to get a couple more kites thins year also. I'm looking at the new liquid force solo kite. I really like my grunt and the boost in my NRG but want a easier kite and I for sure want a kite that can go upwind better. I am looking at the 9m solo and the 15.5m solo. Or maybe the same sizes in the envy. That should cover all the wind conditions here. I am also thinking about getting boots. I have struggled with the foot pad since starting kiting. I always feel like I can really dig in. So I am thinking a full boot may help but not sure if I want to go that route yet. Anyway I haven't had any videos since I really concentrated on learning to progress and am really happy with my progression.

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