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Revolutionary backpack mount for Gopro

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Re: Revolutionary backpack mount for Gopro

Postby eree » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:07 pm

just to bring you back to the sea level...

from about 1mln populated area with aprox 1000 kiters i can safely report that there are no more than 6 or 7 self filming rod-like camera mount devices around here. and one or two of them may be in possession of the winsurfers.

it is tolerable just enough to see the videos made with help of those "magic rods", but it is really a pathetic view when guy films himself with the hand-hold stick with the camera on it. back pack rig is not much more of the modesty either.

so, do not hurry to launch large scale production yet. there are simply just not enough narcissistic camera owners around imo...

oh yeah! and please don't call every little plastic or metal thing "revolutionary". it kind of devaluates the meaning of the words.

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Re: Revolutionary backpack mount for Gopro

Postby Saami » Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:36 pm

zvika wrote:Q - imagine if you got the gopro tangled in the lines
A - This is possible if you position the camera in front of you. But if it is behind you or even on the sides chances for that are very slim. During our testing we crashed many times to the water and there was no issue with that. But I cannot say the risk is zero.
These videos are nice to watch. But, if you start selling this type of mounting systems, sooner or later one of your customers will surely get a kiteline tangled around the mount. As you say, the risk isn't zero, so given enough customers... You know that some people are going to try to do rolls-to-blind or handlepasses while filming themselves... Other people will crash and get rolled in waves. So, since line entanglements will surely happen, I think you ought to test this beforehand to see what will happen at that point. Will the mount safely break away? If not, will it be easy to free yourself from the backpack?

Getting dragged backwards through the water with a death-looping kite entangled in your backpack system sounds like it could end badly. It wouldn't exactly be good PR for you or for the sport either. So, if I were you I would do some testing upfront.

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