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2012 North LTD Raceboard with crooked fin box

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Re: 2012 North LTD Raceboard with crooked fin box

Postby ronnie » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:27 pm

lobodomar wrote:ronnie,

actually it's not that ambiguous
tolerance is 1%, as long as it's not less than 2mm and not more than 5mm

So in your example, anything under 200mm (20cm, not 2m) could have a 2mm error.

Not saying I agree with it.

Yes you're right. :thumb:

I'll have to make sure I'm awake the next time I do some calculating. :oops:

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Re: 2012 North LTD Raceboard with crooked fin box

Postby borist » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:53 pm

ronnie wrote:If North were going to insist that they could turn out boards with the fins twisted by 2mm I would never buy a North board, so its a good thing that problems like the one highlighted on this thread are made known to potential buyers.
Kinda goes against their own description of the board (on North website):
"Constructed with exceptionally accurate, state of the art molds, the Ltd’s Carbon Sandwich Construction is not only incredibly precise, but also strong and remarkably light."

Well... I think we've learned it is neither "exceptionally accurate" nor "incredibly precise". My board seems pretty good as far as dimensions go. Fin boxes are at least parallel, although little off the center. Fins, when installed were about 2mm off from perpendicular to the bottom (at the tip). Front fins were ~4mm closer to each other at the tip than at their bases. Back fin was tilted to the side. Fins (North) measured straight. Tail was about 2mm off the square. Overall not terrible, just not precise in my view.

It is light. I agree with that statement. :thumb:

I disagree with "strong" though. Recently my knee grazed front of non-skid area of the deck when falling. Not much impact, but to my dismay the deck cracked. When repairing it I found the area has about 2mm thick hard foam (divinicell?) reinforcement. To compare, AA CR69 HW had about 6mm hard foam in the basically same area. No carbon to be seen. :o

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