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Ben Wilson Kite bar

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Re: Ben Wilson Kite bar

Postby Faxie » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:24 pm

jumptheshark wrote:
Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:10 pm
You plan to cover both lines with PU tube? I can't imagine that would be smooth sheeting through any bar.

OT and just my opinion.

PU tube is unnecessary and in my case undesirable. I get that it looks more OEM, but its like so many dongles on bars that can in some cases pose more hazard than they solve.

Being able to see the depower and safety line condition is pretty important to me. Easy sheeting while turning is also pretty nice. These things need servicing on the semi regular and efforts to cover them up in attempt to convince users that its all good foreva, is dangerous when dealing with the average kiter.... who would rather sell something on than learn to service it.
At the moment I have both covered, and it's no problem at all.

Yes, I'm aware of all the PU/bare dyneema arguments. I have ridden with bare dyneema for more than 6 years, and I have used the same arguments as you in previous 'PU vs bare line' discussions. But at the moment, I desire PU. For a big part it's because of my fingers rubbing against the line (got some wounds from unhooked waveriding), but also stiffness. And although PU will wear eventually, and the dyneema inside also, it still lasts longer when properly executed (tight fit) Bare dyneema sheets a bit smoother, but the difference is not a very big deal to me, as long as the bar has a proper hole, which I'm not sure the BWS bar has. Plus I do like the cleaner look.

I'm looking at the OEM bar you see a lot nowadays too. Fluid/older Peter Lynn/Zian/HQ4/Zeeko/Star/Nobile. But design wise, I like the BWS a bit better... The Cabrinha fixed bar is not an option for a number of reasons (price/sizes/colours/floats/combination of the previous) Anyone experience with that one?

Yes, pretty subjective, but that's the whole point in a custom bar right :P

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Re: Ben Wilson Kite bar

Postby jumptheshark » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:08 pm

No worries,

Like, carbon vs aluminum, you can make a case for either if you want.

Hope you sort out the ultimate custom bar and it sees you through many good times.

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