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Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:53 pm
by WndRdr
Freerid3r wrote: Without knowing it, i would say evo liftet harder because you had the evo 10 and it should be a bit more explosiv than the 12er Rebel. Could also be the reason why you landet softer on the rebel, but its said to have enormous hangtime anyway.
That is true that smaller kite could make the difference. However I flew Evo 7m2 the other day. It should be snappier than 10 and it is a bit faster but the lift and the overall feeling was so close to the 10m2 that I think the most difference comes for sure from the different kites. Rebel is softer to go up and down during the jump than Evo. Rebel has better hang time than Evo but Rebel requires that you time the jump right and hit the sweet spot when Evo is cook proof to jump.

I was happy to riding hard with 7 and it was so stable in the higher end that I just had fun even the other complained how gusty the wind was. I think that Evo has changed into better and more versatile than it was and has better performance overall.

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:14 pm
by Freerid3r
Rebels reached me last week. 7-9-12
I´m looking forward for some snowkiteaction. Hope we´ll get snow and wind soon.

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:04 pm
by dawind
Rebels are best kite in the world IMO

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 4:53 pm
by Godofwinds
Hi All,

I am a beginner also just completed my basic training and now looking for a kite for my own.
I read this topic and it is very helpful to understand the differences between evo and rebel.
However this topic is mainly comparing the 2012 and 2011 editions of these kites.
So, to refresh the topic, can anyone share ideas for the 2013 edition of these kites please ?
Which one of these kites better for a beginner ?
Thanks for your inputs :D

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 2:29 am
by Caesar
Freerid3r wrote:i already thought about the fuse. but the fuse is said to be a bit more aggressive/high-performance than the rebel. the depower is said to be (flown with 4 lines) less than the rebel, and flown with 5 lines same as the rebel, but with a longer barway/barmovement. so i wouldn´t win anything i guess.

gusts would be given to the driver much harder on the fuse than on the rebel. so i guess the fuse is not the right kite for me in this stage of learning.

the sizes of the kite should match good. i love the 12er kites, cause they are not to fast and i can learn much faster on them.

and 7-10-12 would not make sense, i guess?
i would have to take 7-10-13 oder 7-10-14. But there aren´t very much used 13er or 14er rebels and i cant buy new kites.

Thanks a lot for your opinions and help !!!!
Other or further opinions are very welcome !
Test the Fuse and I'm 80% positive you will go with that kite. :wink:

Caesar 8)