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unwanted rotation in jump,

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unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby janaeo » Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:36 am

hey guys, been jumping a lot lately, starting to get quite of hang time with the kite,
but sometimes im rotating forwards, i cant seem to figure out why,
i thought i was looking at my back hand on the bar, but not sure, ]
if any one has any ideas id appreciate it,

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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby flybykite » Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:49 am

You can try to lean back more or even exagerate it to putting your feet above you while airborne. This stopped the rotation for me when I was learning to jump. Alot of it is in the take off. Careful with those half forward rotations, its a nasty recipie for whiplash when you crash.

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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby Kamikuza » Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:51 am

What he said - knees up, lean back against the kite. Also, you may be redirecting too soon...

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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby yomotha » Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:52 am

You can control rotation speed by bringing your legs closer to you (faster) or extending them (slower). You can also bring yourself out of a rotation by moving the kite forward before landing.

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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby Flight Time » Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:00 am

+1, most of it is in the takeoff. As you prepare to jump, relax your edge and head a little more downwind. As you send the kite, put the edge back on and redirect upwind. At the kite reaches zeinth, pop off the water and sheet in the bar. Don't look toward your back shoulder, or try to stare at the water, both of those will cause an unwanted forward rotation. Don't redirect the kite too soon, it makes for a nasty landing. Don't redirect it too late, or you will underfly your kite and it will hindenburg.

Above all, don't make the mistake of learning jumps by just sending the kite and letting it simply pull you off the water, or trying to just jump vertically off the water. It's bad form, and it will cause all kinds of weird side effects.

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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby piccio » Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:52 am

once airborne you can move legs only to stop rotation,nothing else.
do not force yumps,do not think they watching you,one at the time ,keep abdominals strong and fit.
I broke ribs twice forcing it.
fins as small as possible,they keep board soft and less stiched to water so board will be part of your body at take off, while with big ones your body goes up at certain angle and board still water glued with different angle at take off moment .
TT or surfboard as small as possible also.
it is like soccer penalty,calm and concentrate,no goal with hurry.

Brock Landers
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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby Brock Landers » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:17 am

Just lean back (like you are in a reclining chair) as soon as you pop off the water. I like to lean waaaaay back because I like to boost really high and then look over my right shoulder when I boost so I can watch how far I float from my take off point. Leaning back against the kite will stop your rotation completely.

It sounds like when you pop off of the water you are not edging hard enough at the moment you pop. You will get higher jumps the harder you edge and decrease your forward momentum at the moment you pop. You will also get sky high boosts if you send your kite to 1 o'clock and then sheet in at the moment you pop. You will get ripped off the water in 18+ winds. But you will not float as far down the wind window. Conversely if you want to float a mile down wind then pop without edging too hard and only send the kite to 12 instead of 1. However, if you do then this is when your body will want to do a front roll. And if you tuck your legs like the dude above says then you are going to go into a faster front roll. Tucking your legs is fine if you lean back at the same time. It's basic physics. Lean back against the direction you are traveling to offset the body's natural tendency to roll.

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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby fdvj » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:33 am

Are you using waves to take off from? If a wave catches the tip of your board as you take off then it can lead to the problem you describe.

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Ned Divine
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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby Ned Divine » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:15 am

+1 for edging upwind at take off. Mind you, it is not like when popping, it is a more sudden instantaneous upwind turn right at the moment of sending the kite.
If you don't edge enough on take off, it is much more likely to rotate forward.

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Re: unwanted rotation in jump,

Postby lander » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:51 am

Very simple: Where your head go - your body will follow.

So normally when you jump, you look up at the kite. If you then look at your back hand you have already started the forward rotation. So instead of looking at your hands, you should look at where you want to land.

Good luck

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