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Why directional

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Re: Why directional

Postby sarc » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:54 am

Johnny Rotten wrote:
plummet wrote:probably a fair representation Peter. Except you infer that the end game or the completely evolved kiteboarder rides waves on a wave board only and doesn't jump. I say thats only one evolution. there are many others.
The fully evolved wave rider boosts strapless grabless, and lands on the wave face from which they took off. bottom turns and continues slashing the wave with perfect flow.


Yeah very few ever get there.....I try often and fail about the same amount as I try (still evolving)

Why directional? There is NO comparison. I ride my TT till the waves build to a good height. Then once they are good and I'm tired of boosting in the troughs, I find myself trying to surf the waves on my TT....... and realize how dumb this is compared to the flow one feels when riding a I bring it home and pick up the surfboard. It takes ALOT of work to be able to rock the waves strapless and get a good flow going but honestly once you're there I can't understand why you'd go back.

Is there ANYONE who is putting forth the argument on behalf of the twin tip who has put in the time to learn to ride strapless competantly in heavy surf and then decided that it just wasn't for them?

Why a directional?....cuz it's awesome
Why a twin tip?....cuz a strapless directional is F'N hard. (too hard for some)
I would be more convinced if the pic showed some waves... y'know, head high or something. I think ankle height waves don't really make the case for directional or twintip :lol:

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Re: Why directional

Postby Westozzy » Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:21 am

That's your contribution for an example of an more evolved kite hahahahahaha, what have you been smoking man.... :jump:

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Re: Why directional

Postby Brent4336 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:16 pm

Both you guys are out to lunch! There is sizable surf in the background, just cause he aint on one in the shot doesn't make it TT conditions!

And show me aything on a mutt that requires that level of skill to pull off. Anything!

Thats a monster strapless air, no grab and landed. High end riding no matter how you slice it.

Johnny Rotten
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Re: Why directional

Postby Johnny Rotten » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:27 pm

Westozzy wrote:That's your contribution for an example of an more evolved kite hahahahahaha, what have you been smoking man.... :jump:
My primitive kiteboarding friends,
The rider in that picture is Nicollo Porcella......

Same dude here. (riding out of it)

Also throws down wakestyle better than most.


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