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Review of Shinn Dundee 44 - Whoa!

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Re: Review of Shinn Dundee 44 - Whoa!

Postby sw67 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:56 pm

I am heavier than you @ 92kg or 202lb and went from an 09 x-ride 135 x 39 to the 135 x 44 shinn dundee. The botton end is much better and the top end is just as good.

I have been out on my 9m and been way overpowered and not once has the board felt too big

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Re: Review of Shinn Dundee 44 - Whoa!

Postby L0KI » Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:12 pm

Those big 57mm hook shaped fins on the Luigi and now Dundee do help hold lots of power.

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Re: Review of Shinn Dundee 44 - Whoa!

Postby MikeBirt » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:07 am

windtzu wrote:My question is the proverbial question - which size?

I saw a chart for size / weight: I weigh 158 lbs, so the 131 x 41 is the call.

I spoke with a Shinn rep who suggested that the one size up would be ideal - 133 x 42 for me, and that it would have a better low end and an equal high wind control as the North X-Ride 135 x 29 in thirty plus (mph winds). He also feels that I might find the 131 x 41 on the smaller side and give up too much range on the lower end. I find the North X-Ride suits my needs on the lower end and wonder what the comparison is range wise - apples to apples that is > this would give me a frame of reference. I tend to use my directionals when the wind is in the 10-15 mph range anyhow.
At 158lb/72kg I'd say your ideal was 40 wide if you ride powered, 41 if you ride all and frequent lighter winds. The 42 is my ideal all-round size and I'm 83kg, so I think that although it will go very early, the 42 may be pushing the upper side if you plan on taking power and speed on a regular basis.
windtzu wrote:Someone else mentioned that the 133 x 42 would be too big for my weight in high winds...another someone my size says it would work. ???
It would work, and it feels small for it's size, but it's not optimal unless you are shaky on your feet / in need of eeking out every last bit of lightwind performance for the majority of your riding...
windtzu wrote:Does 2 cm in length and 1 cm in width make that much of a difference? There does seem to be a much bigger difference comparing my X-Ride's 39 cm width to the Dundee's > different board design I suppose, so it's harder to compare.
The natural rangeis very big so the world will not end if you get the choice wrong. It's say the Dundee goes well for those who go 2 sizes over - it has such balance that it does very well with those who choose to ride boards that are a lot bigger than their weight demands...
It's short and has very flexible tips. The weight distribution is so even you can ride with a LOT of power for hours without ever feeling it. It's also why the width also feels less than the numbers when compared to other boards. All in all feels small, balanced and lively, yet remains very practical. Width makes the size, length is relevant to the stance (which on a freeride board like the Dundee does not need to be huge unless you are very tall), and has little effect on the planing ability/size.

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Re: Review of Shinn Dundee 44 - Whoa!

Postby windtzu » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:44 pm

Thanks for the advice!

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Re: Review of Shinn Dundee 44 - Whoa!

Postby whitey68 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:39 am

sarc wrote:Got my 135x44 sent to Taiwan just in time for Xmas thanks to my dealer's help, so off to the beach today 28 gusting 35 knots (measured), shoulder height fun waves, 90Kg rider, on North Rebel 5m. The board is way beyond my expectations!

It has so many standout features - I've never been on a board that does so many things so well. Fast, great upwind, spray in face non existent, beautiful in the flats, chop and on wave. No hint of pearling even on steep wave. The standout is the ability to glide on the wave face on wave power, so it keeps speed up to bottom turn or do stuff on the wave face like nothing else I've tried before (that includes the Mako 150). It turns, slashes and rips in every conceivable combination on wave face - it felt like an extension of my body. Rail to rail, long drawn front foot bottom turns or snappy back foot turns, fast or slow - it all comes effortlessly. Sliding by flattening out the board was super easy and never caught an edge. Pop was enough for my needs. Landings from jumps were super smooth. Schlogging slowly waiting to catch the wave was very comfortable and acceleration to catch it if I was late was excellent.

Gusts measured at 35 knots, the board never felt big at all - I think the size vs. weight list on the Shinn website really are the right combos, even if they look unusual.

Straps and pads excellent as noted on other Shinn reviews.

Overall I think this is a really well thought piece of kit, with each little bit of the board working well to deliver a ton of fun and performance over a very wide range of conditions. Thank you Santa!
Thanks for all you input i will come in handy very soon, Thanks Whitey

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Re: Review of Shinn Dundee 44 - Whoa!

Postby ntwkiter » Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:30 am

HAMLINDP wrote:Let's see a vid! Anyone have a good one to show what the Shinn Dundee 44 can do?

David :)
Shinn Dundee 41 in the vid below:

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