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Cabrinha Switchblade VS RRD Vision

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Re: Cabrinha Switchblade VS RRD Vision

Postby SSK » Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:53 pm

There should be no need to tune the 2012 Drifter, the noted issue was with the 2013 Switchblades (not sure about other 2013 models using the same bar). The 2012 Drifter should fly correctly directly out of the bag. I agree with the following about Swithcblades in the surf (although I would say the 2013s much better than previous SBs).
I have taught on Cabrinhas for years and had a quiver of S/B this year and did not enjoy the 12's or 14's. They back stall a ton when they should be yanking you around. Can be used to your advantage which is what I did but I preferred the smooth bar pressure and clean line setup.

You will find the Drifter much easier to fly in the surf than the SBs. Turns much easier, does not pull as much, less bar pressure, does not back stall, drifts down the line. The Drifter is an easy and fun kite to fly in the surf. But those things that make it nice in the surf make it somewhat boring in flat water as compared to the SB.

One thing though is the 2012 bar's quick release is a pain to put back together. Make sure you practice it a few times before the possibility of having to pull it. It takes a little technique or a third hand. The 2013 bar fixed some of the issues making it much easier to put back together.

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Re: Cabrinha Switchblade VS RRD Vision

Postby Ecoastprock » Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:54 pm

I bought the drifter kite only so it wont come with the 2012 bar. I have a 2011 bar and have used it for the past 9 months maybe a total of 50-70 times. When do you know that your bar is not tuned? Should i replace my pigtails? How long do bars/lines typically last??

None of this really matters i broke my arm yesterday so I cant use the new kite i got anyways! SUCKS!

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