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Wainman C Kite - Cape Town 2013

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Re: Wainman C Kite - Cape Town 2013

Postby JGTR » Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:32 am

My original comment was tongue in cheek and I didn't realise that there are various different version of the Wainman C kite with bridles etc, to me in that pic it looks like a 2004 Best Yarga, which in its day was a great kite and still is in some ways - simple, stable, no frills, nor a death machine like some believe but there are kites available now that have all the characteristics of the Yarga but with better performance eg better depower yet still maintain the solid C kite feel, better windrange, better relaunch, better unhooked etc. I love C kites, still have 2006 Ravens somewhere but modern C kites like the Fuel/Torch are capable of doing exactly what the Yarga did plus more.

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