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unhooking overpowered-underpowered

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Johnny Rotten
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Re: unhooking overpowered-underpowered

Postby Johnny Rotten » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:23 am

I ride a north vegas and am usually in shit gusty conditions, the adjustable reach they have on their bar is F'n sweet for this. I adjusted the bar so there is very little bar throw, and use a TON of trim strap to deal with the gusts.

With a short throw it allows you to pull more depower strap, and thus when unhooked and overpowered you are riding with less power than if you had a bunch of bar throw still to use when underpowered, you just let her out. and you still have the same wind range.

It's a bit more of a beast when hooked in when a gust hits. As you have little throw and less instant depower so it forces you to ride using your edge or bear off a lot more but you get the hang of it and usually can get the feel for reading the gusts pretty well.

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Re: unhooking overpowered-underpowered

Postby TheJoe » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:34 am

alex85 wrote:Subject: unhooking overpowered-underpowered
TheJoe wrote:
alex85 wrote::lol: :lol: :lol: ok, the answer is you can't :lol: :lol: :lol:

@the joe: My lines are setting with equal lenght. But I also depower the kite ( or change the knots on the pigtails ) till I can ride with the bar close to the CL, when I unhook my kite never backstall ( also in gusty wind )...I think is the only way I know to trim a kite.......................................................................if yuo know a way better than this I will be really happy to listen you :?:
That is all fine and dandy but are you sure your trim is right once your up and riding? Do realize that once your moving there is more drag on and more wind placed on the kite so it will set deeper and you will need to trim it more.

You can all so use your board to push the kite forward in the window. So here is something you can try instead of constantly playing with your trim strap. Edge really hard and get your board speed where you feel comfortable, bare off/downwind unhook, edge and pop.

Trim the kite to get it to fly at the proper angle of attack. Use your board to control your speed and the power.

P.S. Overpowered is not being able to control your board or keep an edge. So no you can not unhook in those conditions.
First thanks for the advices...second, bare off/dowind while riding or just before/to unhook???I think to understand that you're saying to push the kite forward while riding ( =ride more upwind you can keeping enough speed ) if you're very powerd isn't right???
Yes that is correct. Push the kite forward with a strong edge, bare off wind and unhook. Then edge into your pop. Depending on your kite will determine how long you can edge before releasing your edge. A kite that flies deep in the window will let you hold an edge longer, a kite that flies closer to edge will be a quick edge then pop.

It's all about practicing on your gear to get it dialed in to what you are comfortable with.

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Re: unhooking overpowered-underpowered

Postby kungfupete » Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:17 am

What Joe said. Totally agree.
But look, I think you need to just keep throwing tricks. Learning any new trick means getting smashed over and over. But once you've got it down, you can generally start throwing that same trick more harder and powered, and land it even in crappy conditions.

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