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In need of a new TT

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In need of a new TT

Postby Kamikuza » Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:36 pm

Lost my "small" board at the lake on Sunday; no sign of it still :( farewell, Flyradical3 139x42, we barely knew you :-?

So I'm looking for something to be my powered-up and playing around board...

Not going to unhook (sorry), won't be hitting sliders or cable parks, not doing anything more radical than simple old-school and some small loops...

Need a board that: jumps well - goes big and lands nice cos I like flying :D won't hammer my knees or ankles, can cope with lake chop and crappy ocean waves, has a good bottom end but goes well when the wind really blows, won't spray me in the face. And is tough, cos I'm a Clydesdale...

Oh, and is really brightly coloured so I can see the bloody thing!

It's hard to know what to choose when the reviews or manufacturer pages all say "goes upwind like a rocket! really comfortable in the chop! excellent pop! that's because it's stiff / flexible / has a lot of rocker / has no rocker" :roll:

Here's a list I compiled on my own.... can possibly get a demo on the Cabrinha, Naish or Slingshot boards - everything else will be order and pray. I was happy with the range of my Flyradical, and how it overlapped with the door.
* really interested in these boards...

Aboards Z-series 140x42.5 *
Axis Vanguard 138x43 *
Best Armada 138x42
Best Spark Plug 142x42
Cabrinha Xcaliber 139x43
Cabrinha Tronic Wide 140x42
Cabrinha Spectrum 140x42
CrazyFly Raptor Pro 137x43
CrazyFly Shox Custom 133x43
CrazyFly Allround 138x43
Epic Oxygen 135x47 (too wide?)
Flyboards Flyradical4 138x42 *
Fone NEXT 140x42
Fone TraxLW 140x45
LightWave CarbonKick 139x44
Liquid Force Element 139x42
Liquid Force Influence 141x43
Naish Hero 140x43
Naish Motion 138x41.5 *
Nobile 2HD 137x43
Nobile T5 140x44 *
Shinn Dundee 135x44
Shinn Red 138x44
Slingshot Asylum 141x43
Slingshot Darko 138x42
Slignshot Misfit 142x42
Switch MJComp 138x42 *

So what ones should I dismiss instantly as being "wrong"?

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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby zik46 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:57 pm

1 vote for Aboards Z series , magic all around board


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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby KYLakeKiter » Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:00 pm

My condolences on your loss :( That really sucks.

That is some list you have compiled (alphabetized even). You have some serious "process of elimination" ahead of you. Should be fun trying out the ones you can get demos on. From what I have seen on here lately, the Aboards and the Shinns have some of the better reviews, but with a list like that you should be hearing opinions from just about everyone that rides TTs. Good luck with your search.

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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby bigwave » Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:24 pm

That is a bummer about your board. I will briefly offer my opinion on some of the boards on your list that I have ridden.(note all these boards do the usual shit, upwind,speed,blah blah...)
Nobile 2HD- excellent Free Ride choice,firm and very powerful.
Nobile T5- good all round performer, again firm feel.
Nobile NHP- not on your list but it should be. Very strong free ride performance. Nobile's best IMO free ride.
Shinn Dundee- complete do it all, soft feeling, easy on the knees,there are better choices for pop.
Shinn Red- needs some power but very smooth,soft feeling.
Shinn Monk Forever- not on your list but it should be. Like butter in chop at high speed. Likes wind!
Shinn Supershinn - This is the one that really for bigger guys does it all, Firmer feel,great pop.
Shinn Speedball 18W- If you want a little board ride with a big wind range,this is it, skatey,carving fun.
Slingshot Darko- stiff, big pop and a very powerful ride. I like this. Some spray action in chop.
Slingshot Misfit- excellent all rounder, firm feel and the pads are super comfy!
Epic Oxygen- very nice ride, quick planing but becomes large feeling in bigger wind. Lulls,what lulls?

Thats my spin, I'm not one to go on and on. There are so many good boards you really cant go wrong. Oh, those Nobiles do have those bright orange fins and pads for a reason. I know.

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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby jespin4845 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:16 pm

slingshot asylum has a lot of rocker, no does go upwind but you have to be powered on whatever size kite you are

slingshot misfit, best upwind board i ever had, regret selling it, best all-roundness, a little on the heavy side, but that thing was a tank, it rode like traditional boards in a sense that more weight on your back foot,...however it rode nice, awesome for speed and jumps, i plan on getting a 142 when real closeouts at the end of the season

shinn monk was the most comfortable board i have ever been on, however it needs juice

besides shape another thing to pay attention to is stance, i only like wide stance boards now in waves, can't go back to narrow, slingshot's have the widest stances...crazyfly has narrow stances except for certain boards of their's

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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby ktflyer381 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:16 pm

Had 5 killer sessions on my Shinn Monk Forever 134 down here in the Outer Banks. I have been kiting for 7 years and tried a ton of boards (including the Slingshot Misfit 136 just this week), and I would say that although there are a lot of boards that will get the job done, the Monk Forever is something special. I've been in the ocean with it twice, been in the slicks with it doing wake style tricks (everything short of handle passes), and been in the chop in the sound. It seems to work everywhere. There is no fancy bottom shaping, the shape is pretty standard, but whatever it is, it works. The low end is as good as my Cab Caliber 136 which is quite good. The high end is well above my limit which is about 35 knots. I am very picky with my pads and straps and the newest sneaker setup that the Monk Forever comes with is the best I've ever ridden, up until now it was the LF Luxury for me.

I know it's a gushing review, but I buy my own stuff and have no real brand affiliation. In fact, I am likely to take some heat for my purchase because the local dealer doesn't carry them so I had to go somewhere else, but the performance is so good it just doesn't matter.


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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby William Munney » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:16 pm

Do you have access to a boat or is paddling an SUP on a calm day or walking the shore an option? You may find it.

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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby plummet » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:21 pm

whats your location? chop, ocean, swell? flatwater?

If its chop strike every single square tips TT off your list and go and buy a mako.

if its flat then go and look at all those square tipped horrible in chop boards.

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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby John-B » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:35 pm

I demo a lot of Shinn boards and have owned a few - currently a 132 Monk Forever. You want the Speedball W18.

Is both a big and small board in one package due to the shape and tech. Mark is 90kg and can get away with the W16 - he designs and tests these in a spot with unpredictable winds and conditions and this was made to handle it all. I rode the W16 and liked it - very very easy going but not dull and fits your description of what you want.

There is a good review from a heavier guy on the UK forum: ... 4&start=75

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Re: In need of a new TT

Postby L0KI » Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:06 am

plummet wrote:whats your location? chop, ocean, swell? flatwater?

If its chop strike every single square tips TT off your list and go and buy a mako.

if its flat then go and look at all those square tipped horrible in chop boards.
Owned three Makos. The Shinns are better in the chop and all around as well.
The Monk is the best chop board I've ever ridden.

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