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What is the best watch and functions for kitesurfing?

forum for kitesurfers
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Re: What is the best watch and functions for kitesurfing?

Postby KitesurferRO » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:06 pm

Anyone tried the Ripcurl Search GPS Watch ?

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Re: What is the best watch and functions for kitesurfing?

Postby tkettlepoint » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:50 pm

I think the ... to-Ambit3/ is one of the best GPS watch out there.. many many apps.. Everything rip curl has then more. If you get the sport it is very close in price and it is more then just a surf watch..

I have the the ambit3 peak and it does more then I could think of. I can track my jump heights , length of wave riding. Speed in knot. mph, km/h etc. you can up load your tracks and if you want to do a video with them in it you can.

you can also make your own apps for what you want it to do. and easy to make with the software that comes with it. So if you want a few things or a lot of things it will do what you ask it too

Hawaiis posted a video with his tracks on it from a ambit 2.

Peak will last up to 26hrs with the gps on 50+ with out. I like the fact that when you plug it in to the computer everything transfer over to the web site so you can track everything and keep records of it...

the only down fall right now that I can find is the android is not supported but should be by spring.

I have been looking at GPS watches for the last 4 years and the suunto line has stood out in everything.. I think they are the first gps watch on the market and the rest are following the lead.

just my 2 cents but I do like my suunto


I wanted a gps watch for different sports that I like... kite surfing , cycling , snowboarding, Powered paraglideing ( hopefully in the near future) and this watch will do it all... plus it is good for 100m deep. I really wanted to track my speed on kiteboarding and tracks of where I went on long day of up winders/ down winders.

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